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Why You’ll Love FASO

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Showcase Your Art with Professional, Beautiful, Modern Designs

You’ve worked hard to create your art - A FASO Art Website will present it to the world properly and professionally. Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  That's our motto too. We strive to create websites that are simple, elegant and make YOUR artwork shine. Simple doesn't mean lacking in power, our sites are full-featured, stand-alone web sites, not simply a "portfolio." Combine our artist website templates and color palettes for over 2917 beautiful design combinations. Or make your own bespoke design.

Gain Recognition with Free monthly BoldBrush Art Contest Entries

The prestigious monthly BoldBrush Art Contest awards more than $15,000/mo in prizes. That's more than $180,000 per year. The judges are nationally and internationally acclaimed and have included top artists such as Jeremy Lipking, Kevin Macpherson, and Nancy Guzik. We've also had national gallery directors such as Scott Jones (directory of Legacy Galleries) and Art Magazine publishers such as Eric B. Rhoads (publisher of Plein Air Magazine). Every FASO member enjoys free monthly entries into the BoldBrush Art Contest.

Share Your Art with 84,897 people in the FASO Daily Art Stream

Every time you upload new art, we'll showcase one of the pieces in our daily art stream. The daily art stream is emailed to our various newsletter subscribers which currently total over 84,897 people. You can take advantage of this even while you're in the Free Trial period! Click here for more details.

Impress Your Customers on Mobile - FASO is iPhone and Android Ready

Mobile devices are by far the fastest growing part of the Internet. Make sure your artist website is poised to take advantage of this growth! All FASO websites automatically present themselves optimized for mobile viewing when visited by a smartphone. We always give the visitor the choice to view the regular website if they wish. See why FASO blows away our competitors on mobile

Socialize Your Website with FASO Social Media Integration

Social Media Profile Icons | Like, Pin, and Tweet Buttons | Facebook App for your Pages
FASO sites integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and Daily Paintworks.
In addition, we've got all kinds of social goodies that help you connect with your art's fans. Want to send professional email newsletters? Done. Want to Integrate your email newsletter with Facebook? Done. Want to see pictures of your fans who have Gravatars? Done. Want to add Facebook "Like", "share" "send" buttons, "Pin it" buttons, or "Tweet" buttons to all your artworks? Done. Need an integrated blog? Done.

Engage Your Fans with ArtfulMail Email Newsletters

Your FASO account comes with integrated software called ArtfulMail. Email Newsletters are the #1 online activity that we've seen lead to increased art sales, so we designed an email newsletter system specifically for the needs of fine artists. And then we baked that system right into our Gold and Platinum accounts!

Delightful Blogging with StudioQuill

Your FASO account comes with integrated blog called StudioQuill. Not only is it a blog designed with artists in mind, it integrates seamlessly with your FASO website. You also have to option to allow us to republish your articles in various newsletters we run providing for potentially much more exposure for your blog (if our editors run your article).

You'll be in Complete Control - FASO Is Easy

Enjoy quickly designing, maintaining, and updating your site, blog, email newsletter and more. You won't have to wait for a webmaster every time you want to make a change. (Say goodbye to your web developer's change fees too!) If you can surf the web, you can use our software! Plus, if you run into an area where you need help, you can always turn to our professional Artist Support Agents and take advantage of our Positively Remarkable Customer Service.

Manage Your Site on the go with the Free FASO iOS App

Not at your computer and need to add or update artwork on your website with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? No problem. Use the Free FASO iOS app to make those changes. Search "FASO" in the app store or visit the app store directly with this the following link: Free FASO iOS app

You'll Know How to Sell Art - FASO Provides Professional Art Marketing Help

Once your site is live, we want you to be successful! Our founder owned a national art gallery for more than eleven years and gladly shares everything he has learned about art marketing with you. Via our FineArtViews Newsletter, we constantly provide our clients with useful articles, insights and tips, and proven marketing systems learned from our experience in the art industry and by regularly communicating with other art industry experts.

Sell Your Art From Your Site with The Built-in shopping cart

Sell your art directly from your website with the built in shopping cart. Simply attach your paypal account. Visitors will stay on your site during the shopping process and only switch to paypal's site after they have made all their selections and are ready to pay.

FASO Real Time Artist Analytics

We include advanced real time analytics so you can monitor your website's visitors and traffic. We also include options to simply and painlessly add Google Analytics if that is what you prefer.

You won't be Alone - FASO's Got Your Back

Need help? Once you're a FASO Gold member, call us 7 days a week for support. Can you believe that? An online company that will actually talk to you. On the phone.

Your Life Will be Simpler - FASO is Turnkey

To market art online properly, you need a web host, a domain name, a blog, an email provider, an email newsletter provider, social media integration, and more. FASO simplies your life because we're all of those things! You'll only have one account to deal with, and, when you need help, one company to contact. How simple is that? Just look how happy Laura Robb and her cat are!

You'll Save Money - FASO is Affordable

You don’t need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a fine art website. Our most popular plan is only $28/month - but, of course, we have options for every budget.
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