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Radiant Roses by Pamela GatensPamela Gatens

I`m loving my new website - so easy to build and I`ve already gotten lots of traffic!
Plein Air by Julia Dufault McGrathJulia Dufault McGrath

[11/27/2012 3:45:59 PM - ] (To Tami): I can not say THANK YOU enough! I am going to print all of this out and get to it first thing tomorrow - you are amazing!
Wigeon Drake in Spring by Kimberly WursterKimberly Wurster

I first discovered FASO when browsing the catalog of paintings accepted into a competition (including my own) held by the Pastel Society of the West Coast. They are VERY good artists and I took time to look up some websites. Most of them were with FASO. Wow. Then I read Kevin Mcpherson's words regarding what you've done for him and his career and I was sold. I had studied his work and that of other artists whose work appealed to me and that had, over the years, become my education. Several of those other artists I'd studied had websites with you as well and I knew that if FASO was good enough for them, I had found what I was looking for. There are no second chances for a first impression no matter what one is peddling. The options you offer for first rate, no fluff, professional websites is second to none and I just could not possibly appreciate you more. So, yes, I recommend you to anyone who will listen and often hear from clients and others that they just love my site. Thank you FASO, for all you do to get our paintings out there for the world to see. You are SO appreciated! Sincerely, Kimberly Wurster
Great White Egret ~ Alligator Farm by Sharon ReppleSharon Repple

I love my FASO website and receive comments all the time about how professional and informative the site is. The website is easy to edit, upload photos to and I actually wrote my first blog this week. FASO makes the business side of art so much easier.
Late Fall Browse by Victoria FugitVictoria Fugit

I just had to stop and say that you all have been fantastic! I have high expectations sometimes.....of myself as well as others. You all have exceeded my expectations so far and that rarely happens. Your response time has been great, your information has been clear and easy to understand and I actually can`t believe how easy it has been to get through it all. So - to each of you who has taken the time to help me......a BIG thank you to you! It is obvious that I made the right choice. Feeling blessed to be part of the FASO family.
Rainbow Color Art by Sandra Illing - Original Encaustic Painting #5405 by Sandra IllingSandra Illing

1/7/2013: Dear Faso Team, I just wanted to say thank you for your great support during the last months! I ll certainly recommend you if someone is looking for a well managed page. Have a great New Year, Sandra
Piazzetta Circuit by Charles IarrobinoCharles Iarrobino

I would recommend Faso sites because they offer every thing I want in an artist's website! The sites look great thanks to the array of templates available - and the suggested color palettes for the sites provide a great place to begin; but there's the freedom to personalize the potential color palettes as well. Working on my site and making changes to it is easy and straightforward, but if I have a question or run into a problem - there's all kinds of support available - free support! The opportunity to reach out to customers and friends with newsletters and blog posts should also be mentioned. Bottom line is that the sites offer an easy-to-use platform that look great, can accommodate growth and are responsive to each individual's vision. With minimal effort anybody can have a clean, professional-looking Faso website, and for those folks who want their site to be more of a multi-faceted, career-enhancing media/social-networking resource - all it takes is additional effort. FASO provides all the tools!
Dad's rowboat   -  only -PRINTS AVAILABLE.original in private collection by David GuastaDavid Guasta

You have been a guardian angel to artists, like me with no computer skills. Thank you so much for your concept and the help. Thank you Clint!
Yellow Bouquet by Michael LindstromMichael Lindstrom

[3/19/2014 1:35:41 PM - ] You`re AWESOME Brenda! Thank you so much for helping me. You have a great day too!!! Michael
Passages by Cynthia and Steve AdamsCynthia and Steve Adams

[12/3/2012 1:59:08 PM - ] We get so many compliments from people that visit our site and from our collectors too. Your customer service is tops and we so enjoy our business relationship with FASO.
WAIT UP MAX by Linda Ellen PriceLinda Ellen Price

[7/11/2012 2:44:45 PM - ] Thank you for excellent support, and your comments on the painting.
See you Later by Judy TaussigJudy Taussig

Thank you Padgett! You and your whole team are wonderful. Have a great day, Judy
Foggy and Overcast in May by Corinne McIntyreCorinne McIntyre

Marsh Evening by Gerard BlouinGerard Blouin

7/16/2012: I love your system should have done this long time ago. The service that I received when I first set up my site was simply first rate. Thanks Gerard Blouin
Early Summer Morning by Sharon AllenSharon Allen

I could not believe how easy you folks made it to transfer my domain name and get my site up and running again. I also can't believe how much WORK you're saving me with all the items that I used to have to do manually that are built into your software/templates ... ie automatic resizing of images. I used to have to edit, crop, and create 2 separate files for each image and upload each size separately AND create a separate PayPal button for each painting. With you folks, I just upload the image! Holy COW! :-)
The Blue Group by Cheryl VratsenesCheryl Vratsenes

[3/29/2012 9:56:52 AM - ] Thanks so much Jen!! You have been a great help, so much great info. I really appreciate and love FASO Thanks again Cheryl
Airship by Moonlight by Tom ShropshireTom Shropshire

'To Susan and Tami, Thank you for all your help. Although I was never able to resolve the problem on my outside email program, I was able to get my newsletter sent. You also made me aware of a potential problem I wasn`t even aware of. It`s nice to have backup when nanobots, glitch gremlins and E-monkeys take over your computer. Thanks again'
A Kiss by Terry RaffertyTerry Rafferty

Dear Clint and FASO Staff, You make my life easier. Not just my art life, but my whole life. Why? Because in addition to making it so, so easy for me to publish my work while you do all the tech-magic that needs to happen, you make it so I don`t have to worry. I don`t have to worry about the site looking or functioning perfectly. I don`t have to worry that I need to set aside real time to post, or to change things up. I don`t have to worry that my web `face` isn`t professional, or appealing to both galleries and clients. I don`t worry about missing client communications. And I don`t worry about keeping up to date on all kinds of issues that come up in an Artist`s world - the newsletter and other forums keep me covered. I don`t worry that you won`t be there tomorrow or next year. And I just want you to know that FASO is a bit of sunshine in my life. Thank you, with love. Terry
Brambled Sky   (PARC Series) by Kate LandishawKate Landishaw

someplace along the line in the last few days I discovered you featured my artwork on FASO - thank you! I regret my AOL chaos-of-the-moment leaves me unclear on specifics, but I absolutely KNOW I saw it! It was my "Weaving Daydreams" . . . apparently my loom worked . . . !!!!!! thank you thank you, thank you, Kate Landishaw
WINTER LACE - 2013 by Sharon HicksSharon Hicks

[2/28/2012 10:05:50 AM - ] Thanks Gayle ... :) You guys do a great job, btw, of clarifying information and addressing issues, no matter how 'silly' they might appear :)
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