What Artists Say About FineArtStudioOnline

Storm over Sea Pines by Gayle HavensGayle Havens

1. The templates are the best I have seen for artists. 2. I neither had the time nor knowledge to change my old website to a FASO site, therefore I opted for the FASO migration service. The customer service was excellent. 3. Even with limited knowledge regarding website management, once my site is complete I will easily be able to make changes to my site.
Mars Black Dahlias with Yellow Sky, completed 6/27/17 by Gregory HorndeskiGregory Horndeski

Whenever I have a problem you are there for me, and the problem is resolved. What more can I ask for? In addition I do not have that many problems, even though I am not a computer whiz. Your website design is fantastic!
Cactus Passion by Edward Sprafkin Edward Sprafkin

I strayed, and now I`m back. I left Faso awhile ago thinking that it was greener on the other side. Thankfully, I read John Weiss`s article "Why I Came Back, " and it was like an intervention. I too had been wooed away and had fallen into a similar trap. The dream I was sold was nothing but a costly daisy chain of apps and satellite services to make the site run. Sure it looked pretty on the outside, but it ran as efficiently as a square wheel on a dirt road at best. So, thank you for leaving the welcome mat out at Faso`s front door. I`ve begun the long laborsome process of copying and pasting my content back to Faso. With each entry is a reminder not to be tricked again.
Cantina Conversations by Rachelle LimaRachelle Lima

First let me say thank you. The websites faso offer are user friendly, both for the me the artist/administrator and for my clients. Actually I was thrilled by the template choices, and finally found my groove. Since launching my website over a year ago I have painted so much more, and now one truly feeds the other. The ability to send a newsletter, a blog, or news of an upcoming event or exhibit are right at my finger tips, and all for a price less than my coffee habit! To top it off your support crew is amazing and quick to help. One special word of thanks to faso, thanks to you I also discovered The Oil Painters of America. I am excited to say I am honored and proud to be a new Associate member. Add to all of this my favorite faso line..."at the very least I get to paint another."
Pilgrim's Discovery by Lisa CarnicomLisa Carnicom

What I love about FASO: > the way it visually shows my art online > the ease of using the site & posting material (though I haven't added new work in awhile, I will soon) > the friendly assistance I've received from staff when I've had a question > the site's features are perfect for an artist > the quality content of the blogs that get featured as a newsletter > the BoldBrush contest winners are so inspiring to look at > the fact that it's super-secure (reassuring for potential buyers) What I DON'T like about FASO: > nothing ;)
A Break in the Storm by Meredith E. CampbellMeredith E. Campbell

Thank you Clint. After trying out the website and using your wonderful tech support I have decided to leave Foliolink, where my current website resides, and switch over to FASO. I was interested in FASO because you have so many features in house - website, newsletter, domain hosting, domain name email and blogs. I have been using so many different companies and finally trying to obtain a domain name email so I could get better results with my newsletters pushed me over the edge. It was a nightmare trying to work with all these components. Thank you SO much for making this so easy. Your website building is easy, all the services you offer are great and as I mentioned your tech support actually gets back to me in the same day! The chat person also knows what she is talking about and is very helpful! Thank you for doing such a good job with your business that supports our efforts as artists. I am happy to support FASO with my business.
3_Selves by  The Drawing Cure The Drawing Cure

Thank you so much Joseph. You people really are brilliant! You've made a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
Cherry Blossom Koto by Stephen MercerStephen Mercer

I just wanted to say "Thanks" to all of you for helping me set up my art website. You made things SO easy that I am blown away. I expected to spend weeks developing my site using web authoring software, not to mention the commerce links. But in only a few days I have set up the site and it is fully operational, including the commerce link. I can`t tell you how delighted I am with how this is all working out, and people on Facebook are already going to the site to check out my artwork.
2015-25-vintage_camper-Ritter-Little_Miss_Pitstop_Pink by Simone RitterSimone Ritter

I just started building my FASO website- I LOVE FASO! So easy and straight forward and all works together so perfectly- just awesome! Why did I struggle along for years trying to get all right and here it is so simple! Now I can spend less time in the office and more time in the studio- yey FASO!
Double Lily by Cathie HorrellCathie Horrell

I am so thrilled about having this website for my art work. You have made a rather daunting task easy and anxiety free.
Out of the Bag by Debbie HughbanksDebbie Hughbanks

I have had my website with FASO for a couple of months now and am extremely pleased with the company, the support staff and the ease of working on the site. I am recommending FASO to any artist creating, upgrading or redoing their own website. It`s fabulous!
Shadows 4 by Bernice GainesBernice Gaines

[5/3/2014 8:56:28 AM - ] And who said customer service is dead. You guys are absolutely fabulous. You are always there when there is a question and you consider all requests. If it`s a honest, reasonable request you do the right thing. I definitely think you guys deserve the finest customer service award. Thanks for what you do for the art community. I will continue to push your site with my artist friends. This is the 3rd artist I`ve worked with setting up their web sites on FASO and they joined because of my recommendation. I will continue to recommend your site and services, they are unbeatable. Thanks again, Pam (for Bernice)
Untitled by David WicklineDavid Wickline

You are doing an excellent job helping me with this Domain "Pointing" stuff.(And everything else you`ve helped me on) You`ve earned your angel`s wings.
Image 3-14-19 at 5.25 PM (1) by John P. WeissJohn P. Weiss

Initially I began a Wordpress blog to promote and sell my police cartoons. Unfortunately, I was unfamiliar with Wordpress and tried to do everything from my iPad. Frustrated, I hired a local consultant to assist me. She soon had my cartoon site up and running but I grew frustrated that every "tweak" I desired cost money. I was learning more about Wordpress but at the expense of time spent on my artwork. Somewhere in all of this I discovered Fine Art Studio Online (FASO.com). I was impressed with the package of a website, blog and newsletter all in one. Before long I signed up and was immediately impressed with the exceptional support I received.
At One f_edited-1 by Jane HuntJane Hunt

"I used one of FASO’s competitors for seven years before making the switch – I just wish I had done it sooner! There is truly no comparison to the quality, customer support, and user-friendliness that come with my FASO website. I am very appreciative and truly impressed!"
Sunny Jewels in Jewel Tea by Clare KlaumClare Klaum

9/22/2014: I love Faso! There are so many features and benefits.
PicMonkey Collage4 by Sandra BusbySandra Busby

Hi Brenda You are SO kind! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my bears. I have a big smile on my face! And I really appreciate your advice. I have moved the bio text to the left as you suggested. Sometimes it hard to detach and see it with fresh eyes! Thanks so much again Sandra
a10ebay77a by Wade MeyersWade Meyers

I just wanted to chime in that after a week of intense work I have launched my website. VERY happy with the attractive FASO template and colors I selected, the quick ease of editing and modifying to suit the look I want, the seamless integration of PayPal, the quick and easy domain registration, the newsletter and monthly two free contest entries ... just about everything, really. EXACTLY what I needed in a website. Literally could not be improved upon after working on my site for the last week almost full time ... keep up the great work! should also mention that those reading my earlier comments do not see the prompt attention by the FASO staff in the background to my concerns, along with quick action where I needed it. Per my praises just above, the only problem I had initially was getting my images to display at the desired size. That was quickly fixed. Again, perfect website software for artists. Buy with confidence.
The Red Pilgrim Photo Frame by Mrs Rizwana A. MundewadiMrs Rizwana A. Mundewadi

the website is great, FASO has done a great job,simplified usability as well as flexibility, and still keep the excitement by adding new features.
Bedside Manner by Kathy BatesKathy Bates

Hey!! I was at work all day today and when I came home and had a friend over and went to show him my website and the hideous BUY NOW button and what were we going to do about this . . . Lo and Behold! it had been changed and is SO much better!! Thanks so much to Jen and Regina! I really like the new look, it is so much more discreet and fits the look of the website really nicely!! I was planning on removing everything and trying to start over but once again you all have saved the day. I have been nothing but pleased with FASO and the service and support you all provide for me, a struggling artist wannabe by night and veterinarian by day, and techno ignoramus! Thanks again very very much. You all are the best! kathy bates
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