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Pricing Your Artwork Competitively

Pricing artwork is a daunting task. After all, how do you put a price on a piece you have spend several hundred hours on to perfect? Our creative sides tell us that the art we produce is worth more than any monetary value that can be thrown at it, but like the rest of the world, artists have living expenses. No matter what type of art you create, be it digital, painting, sculptures, or carvings, you should never sell yourself short. Keeping this in mind, here are a few tips to help you price your art to sell while still feeling comfortable with yourself.

Pricing your pieces should never be a guessing game and if your artwork is featured in a gallery of any sorts, you should never let them decide the worth of your art. There are plenty of factors to consider when learning how to price artwork to sell, but the one golden rule is to always price it yourself. Never let someone else tell you what your work is worth. The gallery can never accurately judge how much you spent on supplies in creating the piece, or how much time went into it, so the price they slap on your piece might cover their commission and leave you with little else.

A typical painting usually costs around $50 to $100 to produce in supplies alone. This includes the canvas, the paints, your brushes, and even transportation costs if you do not have an in-home studio. Considering the cost of supplies and factoring this in as a loss can better help you determine the price for your pieces. Another point to consider is pricing similar paintings in your skill range. Speak with other artists about their income and how they price their work. Understand if you are painting niche paintings, they could sit on a gallery wall for several months before being purchased, however, do not let this damper your creative spirits.

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