FAQ: Add PayPal Logo to site
  • Add PayPal Logo to site

    Q: Add PayPal Logo to site
    How do I add a PayPal logo to my site?

    A: Regarding adding a Paypal/credit card logo onto your site, you'll need to visit the 'PayPal Logo Center' at:

    You'll see many fun choices.

    1. Scroll down and choose the logo you like
    2. Click 'See the source code' below the logo (blue button)
    3. Copy (CTRL/C) the code that popped up - be sure to copy all of it

    Then, paste the code so the logo appears on your site or blog:

    1. Log in to your FASO Control Panel

    2. Click to edit the page where you want the logo to appear - such as 'Your Site's Home Page' in left menu bar

    NOTE: You may want to add a line break or 2 in the place where you want to place the logo.

    3. Click 'HTML' - right-hand icon above text box

    4. Place cursor where you want the logo to appear (this can be tricky in the midst of HTML code - if you need help, just ask)

    5. Paste (CTRL/V) the code
    6. Click 'Update'
    7. Save Changes

    If you need additional assistance, we can add it for you. Just email the code to us at support@fineartstudioonline.com and let us know where you would like it to appear on your site.

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