FAQ: How to create a newsletter with Artful Mail
  • How to create a newsletter with Artful Mail

    Q: How to create a newsletter with Artful Mail
    How do I create and send an email newsletter using Artful Mail 2.0?

    A: Here are the Basic Instructions for creating an Email Newsletter, using Artful Mail 2.0:

    You can see that Artful Mail is enabled by the dragonfly logo in the upper left. If not, you may need to enable Artful Mail 2.0 (in beta testing) :

    -log into control panel
    -click on 'gear' icon for 'Your Account Settings' - far upper right next to the ?
    -click on Account Settings
    -click on Labs
    -check the box for 'Artful Mail 2.0 Beta'
    -Save Changes

    Now, to create a newsletter, you can find a video tutorial here:

    And an article with screenshots here:

    Here are the steps:

    1. log into control panel
    2. click on Dragonfly/newsletter icon - upper row
    3. click on 'Click Here to login to the Email Newsletter System.'
    4. click on blue 'New Newsletter' button
    5. click on one of the 10 templates available
    6. follow the prompts in the template.



    Now, to send yourself a test, after the steps above:

    - Make sure the correct email address appears in the box
    - Click 'Send Test'

    Look in your email program for the 'MERGED VERSION' (meaning both text and images will show) - if you don't see it, check your spam folder.

    Then you'll need to go back to your control panel newsletter system, click on Drafts, then click 'Preview and Send' for it to go out to your subscriber list.



    If you use Internet Explorer as your browser and wish to use Artful Mail for a newsletter, when you login to the newsletter software and click on New Newsletter, you will see this message:

    ArtfulMail BETA does not support Internet Explorer at this time

    Please try again with Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

    If you wish to proceed with Internet Explorer, click the link below the warning, that says:
    Just be aware things may not work as intended.


    If you choose to proceed, you may find that when you type in text, your text will NOT save. That is only one problem you may experience.

    Our apologies but we cannot correct usability issues with Internet Explorer.

    We highly recommend using any browser other than Internet Explorer when using our interactive software. Mozilla Firefox and Chrome are favorites here at FASO and very easy to use.

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