FAQ: Can I use my existing domain name?
  • Can I use my existing domain name?

    Q: Can I use my existing domain name?
    I already have a domain registered. Can I use it with FASO and, if so, how do I POINT it to my FASO website?

    A: Of course you can use your existing domain name!

    Here's how:
    - from FASO Control panel
    - Click 'Manage Your Domains' (left menu bar)
    - Click 'Click Here to use a domain name that you already own'
    - Type in your domain name, as shown.
    - Click GO
    - Follow the instructions.

    The instructions will include the following:

    Login to your domain account at the company where you registered your domain.

    Change the DOMAIN NAME SERVERS to our name servers:

    AFTER you update the name servers, your off-site domain will begin working with your FASO account in about 12 hours.

    Although this is the "fast" way to use your existing domain, we recommend that you transfer your domain to FASO. Having us manage everything for you will simply your life. Plus, your FASO monthly charge includes one domain.

    ***NOTE: all plans include a domain except for the deprecated Intro Classic plan, $8 monthly.

    Email Concerns:
    If you are currently receiving email at your domain name (such as you@yourname.com), before changing your name servers please review your options on our FAQ "How do I use my existing domain if I currently have email on that domain?"

    Note - these instructions will make your domain point to your FASO web site. This will NOT make FASO your domain registrar. If you wish for FASO to become your domain registrar please review our FAQ, "How do I transfer my domain to FASO?"


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