FAQ: Newsletter List Name and Signup Form
  • Newsletter List Name and Signup Form

    Q: Newsletter List Name and Signup Form
    What is the List Name and Signup Form for, in my email newsletter Settings?

    A: When in your newsletter system, click 'Settings' (left column) and then 'List Name and Web Signup Form.' Here you can give your email newsletter a name that will show on your signup page on your site, such as 'Jane Doe's Fine Art Newsletter.'

    You can also create a custom Signup Message here, such as thanking them for signing up, letting them know how often you send newsletters, assuring them you won't share their email address, that type of thing. This is a nice way to personalize the page if that's your style.

    On this screen, we also recommend that you select YES for 'Enable Double Opt-In Now (Recommended)' - then subscribers will need to click a link in an email to confirm they really want to subscribe. This keeps subscribers lists 'clean' and will become the default very soon, so you may as well enable it now.

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