FAQ: How to register a Domain Name
  • How to register a Domain Name

    Q: How to register a Domain Name
    How do I register a domain?

    A: Here's how to register a domain name, such as www.YourName.com, when ready:

    1. Login to Control Panel
    2. Click 'Register New Domain' - left-hand column, under 'Domains:'
    3. Click 'Click here to check availability and register a New Domain Name'
    4. Enter desired name (the www. and .com are auto-filled in for you)
    5. Click 'Search' and follow the prompts - you will need to agree to the Terms of Service

    After you register your domain, it should begin to pull up your FASO website within 12-24 hours.

    Note - this does not instantly update the search engine listings (such as Google), which can take several days to index your site and include your domain in their listings.

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