FAQ: Ways to send a newsletter to only some subscribers
  • Ways to send a newsletter to only some subscribers

    Q: Ways to send a newsletter to only some subscribers
    Can I send a past newsletter to a particular group of recipients?

    A: At this time, there are 2 ways to send your past newsletters to just a select few:

    a) Email them the link to your 'Read Past Issues' page from your website - go to your email newsletter page on your website, and click 'Read Past Issues.' Now copy the URL (web address) from the address bar of your browser. The URL will look something like this:


    Paste that URL into your email for your recipients.

    This will let them click on links to any sent newsletters that you have marked for public archive.


    b) Forward your own copy of your newsletter (in your own email program) to them.



    Here's how to set any sent newsletters to show in your public archive:

    1. login to control panel
    2. click Newsletter/dragonfly icon in upper row
    3. click to login to newsletter system
    4. click 'Sent' - left column
    5. to the right of your newsletter, click 'Edit'
    6. for 'Public Archive,' set to Yes
    7. save changes
    8. repeat for other newsletters


    The ability to separate your newsletter subscribers into particular groupings and send to just one group, is on our developers' wish list, however we don't have a timeline for it. Hopefully one of the workarounds above will do the trick for you in the meantime.

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