FAQ: What is 'suppression list' and 'request deletion' button?
  • What is 'suppression list' and 'request deletion' button?

    Q: What is 'suppression list' and 'request deletion' button?
    Under Advanced List Maintenance Functions, what is 'suppression list' and 'request deletion' button?

    A: When you log into your newsletter system in your control panel, then
    > Advanced List Maintenance Functions
    > Suppression List
    > request deletion

    The Suppression List is a list of email addresses from subscribers who may have clicked 'This is Spam' in their email program, either by accident or on purpose. It is also likely to have some of the Unsubscribed persons listed here. This Suppression List contains email addresses that need to be permanently excluded from future emails you send.

    Our newsletter provider killed the 'request deletion' feature. What 'request deletion' actually would do would be to REMOVE someone from the Suppression list which would allow them to once again receive the newsletter (that they do not want to be receiving because they either unsubscribed or reported your newsletter as spam).

    If you/we ultimately wanted to clear a person from the suppression list (which the 'request deletion' feature is all about) the person (on the Suppression List) would have to request to be taken off the list so they could once again receive your newsletters. Upon their request, we would open a support ticket with our newsletter provider asking that the person be taken off the suppression list.


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