FAQ: How to upload multiple images at once
  • How to upload multiple images at once

    Q: How to upload multiple images at once
    How can I upload more than 1 image at a time to my portfolio?

    A: Here are the basic steps for uploading multiple images at once to your Artwork Portfolio:

    1. Login to Control Panel
    2. Click 'Upload Art Now' - red box top right
    3. Click 'Choose your images' and find your image(s) on your computer
    4. Click on 1 image, then hold down the COMMAND or CONTROL (CTRL) key on your keyboard, and click all the next desired images. They should all be highlighted (selected)
    5. Click OPEN
    7. Click 'Add these images to an artwork collection' to assign all these images to 1 collection

    - Fill in title (replace title if needed), and Medium & Price if you like (you can always edit your images any time later)

    8. Click 'Save and Continue'
    9. Click 'Save and continue' (again)
    10. Click 'Continue'

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