FAQ: Can't Send Emails on iPhone 6
  • Can't Send Emails on iPhone 6

    Q: Can't Send Emails on iPhone 6
    I just upgraded to an iPhone 6 and cannot send emails.

    A: Check these settings:
    -go to Settings
    -click Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    -click on the email account
    -click on account again
    -scroll to bottom
    -below OUTGOING MAIL SERVER, click > (arrow) to the right of SMTP secure.emailsrvr.com
    -click > (arrow) to right of secure.emailsrvr.com On (Below PRIMARY SERVER)
    -make sure
    1. Host Name is set as secure.emailsrvr.com
    2. username is your full email address - IMPORTANT - make sure to manually enter full email address for Username, every time (it may default to just your name)
    3. re-enter password - do not trust what is already in place in dots
    4. 'Use SSL' is ON
    5. Authentication is set as Password
    6. Server Port is 587

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