FAQ: How to add a batch of email newsletter subscribers
  • How to add a batch of email newsletter subscribers

    Q: How to add a batch of email newsletter subscribers
    Can I add Multiple Email Addresses to my Newsletter Subscriber List?

    A: As a paying member, you can upload up to 2000 subscribers as a batch in a 24 hour period.

    We recommend that you export your list to Excel first, and then copy and paste the addresses into a word processing document such as Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac). Then you need to edit them into one of the following correct formats:

    Leonardo Davinci,ldavinci@yahoo.com
    ldavinci@yahoo.com, Leonardo Davinci

    Each line must contain an email address and can also include a name, which must be separated from the email address by a comma.

    Use a comma between each email address to separate them.

    Note: Be sure not to include a comma after the final email address on your list.

    For two names, such as husband and wife, enter as:

    Harold&Maude Chardin,email@yahoo.com

    For someone with 2 first names, such as Lori Jo Edwards, enter them either as:

    LoriJo Edwards,email@yahoo.com


    Lori_Jo Edwards,email@yahoo.com

    (Otherwise when the system 'sees' a space, it will enter the 2nd name as the last name.)


    Then, copy and paste the list of email addresses as follows:

    1. Login to Control Panel
    2. Click the 'Newsletter' dragonfly icon in the upper row
    3. Click 'Click Here to login to the Email Newsletter System'
    4. Click 'Subscribers' on the left
    5. Click 'Add a Batch of Multiple Subscribers'
    6. Follow instructions

    PLEASE NOTE: To add addresses to your email newsletter subscriber list, you must first have the PROPER PERMISSION for each and every recipient on your list.
    It is a legal requirement that anyone you send your email newsletter to has specifically requested it, and has 'opted in' to your list. Without proper permission, you run the risk of getting reported for spam, or worse, being sued under anti-spam laws.
    The basic principle of permission is that you can only email people who have explicitly given you permission to contact them, and only about subjects that they have specifically agreed to. Failure to ensure that all your recipients fall into this category may result in the termination of your account.
    You can read more about 'the basic principle of permission' and our usage policy at the page below.

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