FAQ: How to I add a Buy Now button with multiple choices?
  • How to I add a Buy Now button with multiple choices?

    Q: How to I add a Buy Now button with multiple choices?
    I want to sell prints and greeting cards of my art. How to I add a Buy Now button with multiple choices?

    A: Here is the 'TUTORIAL' on how to set up a 'cart' in PayPal - to allow for purchasing of an item that has multiple choices (i.e. different print sizes, framed or unframed, prints and greeting cards).


    1. Log into Paypal.

    2. click on the tab, Merchant Services.

    3. By clicking on either the icon, or the links below 'Create Buttons', you can begin to create the button.

    (try clicking on 'Add to Cart Button' icon.)

    4. Fill in requested info:

    From here on, it's pretty much fill in the blanks. But what's key is this:

    Under 'Item name' you need to put in the name of the individual work of art. (This is the one field that absolutely changes for each button created for each piece of artwork.)

    The next key bit of design comes at the Customize Button area. By selecting 'Add drop down menu with price/option' you can add three (or more, as a 'add fourth' option pops up).

    Also, key here is that by clicking on 'Customize Appearance' you can select from two sizes of buttons - a large button or a small button. (In this instance, the 'button' refers exactly to the orange(ish) oval click button - that has the words 'Add to Cart' on it.)

    You can add shipping fees to your overall item fee (which is entered above in '....price/option').

    Skip Step 2, if you do not need PayPal to track inventory.

    Step 3:
    Options of quantities would be up to the user.

    For special instructions, add something like, 'Email address for jpeg', and select 'yes' for shipping address.

    Add the address of your FASO portfolio page in the next two blocks - so that once they check out of PayPal, it takes them back to your website.

    The final step in this creating process is to click on 'Create Button'.

    The following screen appears after clicking on 'Create Button'.

    The user should click on the 'Select Code' button, then hit 'ctrl/C' (or whatever your 'copy' choice is).

    Then, you should go into the description of the art piece in FASO (comment box in text editing screen) and paste the code into the description comment box. This is the box at the bottom of the text editing page where the client puts in all the art work info after uploading an image.

    Make sure you click on the HTML button at the bottom of the text box area before pasting in the html code.

    You can add descriptive text about each image first, then a blurb about 'if you would like to purchase this image....' then copy and pasted the button html code into the box (in the HTML view).

    Time consuming, but perhaps less so than creating a purchase page at another site or creating multiple collections for prints on paper or canvas!

    This if very important!
    In the final image above, where it says 'Create similar button' - if the user clicks on that, all the info from the process above is saved and the only thing that needs to be changed is the Item name, which is in Step one. Then by clicking 'create button' a new button is made for the next item and the user is to copy the code from the step 3 window and paste it into the FASO item description block. This method lasts as long as the work session, i.e., once you log off, all the info is lost and the next time, you have to start from scratch again. So, it's best to have a couple of hours to devote to making buttons when someone decides on this mode!


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