FAQ: How do I Check my Personalized Email Account?
  • How do I Check my Personalized Email Account?

    Q: How do I Check my Personalized Email Account?
    I set up a Personalized email account but I don't know how to check my email.

    A: You have 4 options for checking your FASO email:

    a) Log in to email accounts directly at our webmail login page:

    b) Login to your FASO control panel, click the Email envelope icon in the upper row, and then click to login to your email account (remember, password may be different from your control panel login password)

    c) You can set up your computer or mobile device to send and receive email, using this page:

    d) FORWARD email to another email address you own (such as a Gmail or Yahoo address):

    1. Login to Control Panel
    2. Click the envelope 'Email' icon - upper row of icons
    3. To the right of your email address, click 'Log In to this email account' and enter Password
    4. Click the icon in the top right that looks like 3 horizontal bars
    5. Click 'Settings'
    6. Click 'Incoming Email' (on the left)
    7. Click the 'Forwarding' tab
    8. Status: ON
    9. In the 'Forward to' box, enter your other email address (name@gmail.com for example)
    10. Check the box to 'Save a copy of forwarded email' so you have a backup
    11. Click 'Save'

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