FAQ: Paypal - State Sales Tax
  • Paypal - State Sales Tax

    Q: Paypal - State Sales Tax
    How do I set up State Sales tax in Paypal?

    A: State sales tax needs to be set up in your Paypal account, rather than from the FASO side.

    In your PayPal Profile, you can setup your tax table by State and Zip Code.

    Here's how:

    1. Login to your Paypal account
    2. Click Profile
    3. Click 'My selling tools' (on the left)
    4. Under 'Selling online', to the right of 'Sale tax,' click 'Update'
    5. Click 'Add new sales tax'
    6. Click 'Zip Code' and enter your zip code and the tax rate in the boxes
    7. Click 'Continue'


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