FAQ: How Do I Archive My Newsletters?
  • How Do I Archive My Newsletters?

    Q: How Do I Archive My Newsletters?
    I want my website visitors to see the newsletters I have written and sent. How do I get these to show on my site?

    A: Your newsletters are automatically added to your newsletter archives and show on your website when someone clicks on 'Read Past Issues' when using Artful Mail 2.

    If you are still using Artful Mail 1:
    To set an already 'Sent' newsletter to show in your archives:
    -from control panel
    -click on Dragonfly (Newsletter) icon, top row
    -click on 'Click Here to login to the Email Newsletter System.'
    -click on 'Sent' (left column)
    -click on 'Edit' to the right of each newsletter
    -for option, 'Public Archive', select YES
    -Save Changes

    On any Newsletter Draft (not sent yet), you can set this PRIOR to sending:
    -in newsletter editing screen
    -for option 'Show In Public Archive', select YES


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