FAQ: How Do I Check on Details about Sent Newsletters?
  • How Do I Check on Details about Sent Newsletters?

    Q: How Do I Check on Details about Sent Newsletters?
    I have sent out an email newsletter. Is there any way for me to obtain info about who received the newsletter and who did not due to a bounce?

    A: In the 'Sent' screen, you are able to click on "Details" to the right of the email newsletter. This will take you to a summary page about how many emails bounced, were reported as spam or were opened.

    Next to bounced you can click "Who bounced" to see specifically who bounced and why.

    * A hard bounce is an e-mail message that has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid.

    * A soft bounce is when the recipient's name is known correctly, but e-mail may be rejected because the sender's mail box is full or for other reasons.

    * A 'temporary problem' means there is an issue with the recipient's ISP. Nothing can be done on this side. The mailers will continue to try to send once a day for 4 days.

    Next to "Opened by Recipient" you may click "Who opened" to see specifically who opened your newsletter.

    Tracking 'open' rates is not a perfect science. Not all opens are able to be tracked for a lot of reasons including image blockers, and preview panes. Also, text versions of the newsletter can't have a tracker embedded so if the client prefers plain text we have no way to track open rates.

    Clicking "Who reported as spam" will tell you who reported your newsletter as spam to their ISP (by clicking the "Report spam" button in their email program). Be sure that you never add people to your list who did not give you permission and also be sure that your newsletter sticks to the topics your subscribers expect. If you run an art newsletter and send one with a political rant, you will see a high number of people reporting it as spam. So be careful. Once a subscriber reports your newsletter as spam, future newsletters will not be sent to that person (to comply with law) unless they and you go through a fairly involved process of removing the spam block.


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