FAQ: How do I transfer my domain name to FASO?
  • How do I transfer my domain name to FASO?

    Q: How do I transfer my domain name to FASO?
    I have a domain that I registered through another company. How do I transfer my domain to FASO?

    A: 1. Log in to your FASO control panel
    2. Click 'Manage Your Domains' - left column, under 'Domains:'
    3. Click on 'Transfer Your Domain to FineArtStudioOnline Wizard (BETA)'
    4. Follow the instructions

    Our software will ask you for your login info for your Manage Domain Registration Account at the company that currently holds the domain registration.

    If you are unable to provide this info, please contact tech support.

    Depending upon the complexity of the domain transfer, a transfer can take several days to weeks.

    Complexities may arise from the following:
    1. If you used a 'middle man' company to register the domain.
    2. If you do not have access to the login info.
    3. If you have a privacy setting on the domain, we may need login info for the Privacy Registration Company (like Domains by Proxy) as well.

    NOTE: We only process domain transfers for activated accounts, not those still in a free trial period. The good news is that if you activate your account & become a paying member before the end of your free trial, you will not lose any of your free time. Your next billing date will pro-rate forward automatically to ensure this.

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