Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 9-7-12

This article points to recent questions and discussions posted on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions / discussions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1.) At what point does online art marketing become tacky? (click here to read more about this question)

Artist Jackie Jackson offered her thoughts, stating, "To me, it becomes tacky - or has the danger of becoming tacky - when you have no control. I wouldn't put Andy's artwork on a site where we aren't in charge. I know that sounds a bit like a control-freak but I wouldn't want his work to be alongside a bad painting of adorable kittens. (With apologies to anyone who paints adorable kittens, of course!)".

Artist Ronald Gillis offered his two cents, stating, "I am of the opinion that if there isn't a threshold there should be.If we are moving beyond the gallery system,where there has historically been control over our image,reputation and our images that we have created(services previously provided by the gallery)then we need to take responsibility and provide those missing services.".

Artist Anna Porter responded to this debate, stating, "Time is our most precious commodity as artists. It takes time to post your work to various sites and keep content fresh and exciting. It is a waste of time to put images where they are not doing you any good.".

2.) The art world of the future - thoughts? (click here to read more about this question)

Artist Jackie Jackson offered her two cents, stating, "I'm afraid that although I think a limited number of galleries will remain, the future is on the internet. There are so many opportunities there and artists who rely on bricks and mortar could be left behind.".

Artist Roberta Murray added the following, "What I see happening today is that lower priced work is being sold directly by artists, but higher priced work is being represented in brick and mortar galleries. Will this be the future of art? I don't know. Likely brick and mortar galleries will have excellent online galleries in conjunction with the physical location.".

3.) What social media / social networking sites do you use to build your online presence? (click here to read more about this question)

Artist Jackie Jackson responded to this question, stating, "I use Twitter, Pinterest, Google , a couple of online curation services and - reluctantly - Facebook. (Note that I also class sites such as this one to be social networking too).".

Artist Ronald Gillis offered the following, "According to my analytics on FASO 1/3 of all the hits on my website have been from Linkedin and not from Facebook or from Google.Very unexpected."

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