Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 8-24-12

This article points to recent questions and discussions posted on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions / discussions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1.) Print art magazine ads - are they worth it? (read more about this question by clicking here)

Artist Jackie Jackson offered several points concerning this question, including, "I have no idea who will see a print ad. When I write a blog and upload it to social media I can see the hit rate. This informs further blogs.". She added, "You will spend time as well as money when you are negotiating with the magazine's rep and your graphic designer. There will also be the time taken to write and mail a cheque to the magazine and your designer. You should be able to write a blog and send it to social media within half an hour.".

2.) Bravo's version of the art world -- Gallery Girls and Work of Art (read more about this discussion by clicking here)

Artist Bob Ragland offered his two cents, stating, "I find gallery girls are not too permanent. They tend to move on after a short stint in the gallery. I coach artists on life after art school. As I often come in contact with gallery girls' I ask questions of their backgrounds. Many of these employees have art history educations. I ask a what they were taught about the commercial art world? I ask what their plan is for their art life in the future? I ask what they have learned about the business of art? I find the answers very informative. I must qualify all of this by saying, I have not seen the TV show."

3.) If you owned a gallery... who would you represent? (read more about this question by clicking here)

Artist Bob Ragland offered his thoughts, stating, "I would show artists who are in the art life for the long run. I would show solid well made work.". He added, "I would ask every artists to bring in five visitors to the gallery when their work is on show. The art won't fly off the wall. The gallery can't do all of the work."

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