Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 8-17-12

This article points to recent questions and discussions posted on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions / discussions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1.) Pricing artwork involving found objects (Read more about this discussion by clicking here)

Artist Jackie Jackson offered her two cents, stating, "One way of looking at it is that if they have messed with the antique in any way and it's no longer in its original state, then it no longer HAS a value.". Artist Alex Fethiere offered some thoughts on his own, stating, "Conversely, do old items of no value acquire value in the use of an artwork? Do they enhance the value in any way because they are old or rare? For example, when I work with Eastern Bloc military artifacts, has the collapse of Communism affected the value of the finished work?".

2.) Should US artists receive tax exemption? (Read more about this question by clicking here)

Artist Jackie Jackson offered her thoughts, stating, "Just to be devil's advocate, why should they? Why is the artist contributing more to society than the guy I can see outside my window right now who has the unpleasant job of emptying the trash? (In 95 degree Florida heat).".

3.) Vision and Art (Read more about this discussion by clicking here)

Artist Charlotte Herczfeld responded to this discussion, stating, "It is said (sorry, the source is forgotten long since) that nearsighted people see or experience colour more vividly. I'm thinking it could have to do with the fact that without glasses (thick!) I only see coloured diffused blobs. All detail is lost, quite often form is also lost, and the colours intermingle in a beautiful way, like the light through cathedral windows.".

Artist Aaron Freeman offered his two cents, stating, "I wear reading glasses, (I really need real ones!!) and I do not have to "un focus" my eyes to see shapes and values, lol, so that really helps, but I do seem to see color and value very well,I am amazed at the subtle changes in the colors in clouds, and, well, everything, I drive my wife crazy talking about it and she is starting to notice the same things I do!".

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