Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 6-15-12

This article points to recent questions asked on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions / discussions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1.) Using reference images -- is it cheating? (Read more about this question by clicking here)

Artist Phil Kendall responded to this question, stating, "All painted art is only an artists' impression. I'm glad I'm an artist, it's what I do now. Yes I use my photographs as starting point. they are never slavishly just copied.". Artist Sharon Hicks added, "If using technology is 'cheating', then we should all head for an open fire and collect the soot, then use our fingers to apply it to a cave wall.". Artist Patricia Rios added her two cents, stating, "I will tell you what is cheating: Taking a photograph of another artist's painting and painting an "identical" copy of it yourself and signing your name to it and putting it up for sale as your own. Unfortunately, this happens with frequency."

2.) Best Art Marketing Tip (Read more about this discussion by clicking here)

Artist Gayle Faucette Wisbon offered her insight, stating, "I'm finding that I get more sales as a result of my email newsletter. So I'm trying to build that list, but it's a slow process.". Artist Susan Holland offered a tip, stating, "The most dramatically effective tip has been obvious: JUST GET THE STUFF OUT THERE.". Artist Jackie Jackson suggested the following: "I've found that people want to meet the artist. It gives them so much more of a connection.".

3.) Does inequality exist within the professional art world? (Read more about this question by clicking here)

Artist Sam Thorp responded to this question, stating, "Yep. still a lot of rich, conservative, white males in power and holding all the money, especially at the museum level.". Artist Jackie Jackson added her opinion, stating, "I am foreign, female and fifty plus. Yes, I have come across this problem. Not much in the art world as yet but in general and I've lived in the States since 1994.".

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