Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 5-25-12

This article points to recent questions asked on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions / discussions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1.) Outsider Art: What is your definition of an outsider artist? (read more about this question by clicking here)

Kate from the kdoutsiderart art blog offered some thoughts, stating, "One of the constituting factors that I understand to define Outsider Art is that the artist must have no prior knowledge or preconceptions regarding the commercial art world. This is potentially extremely difficult in the present day.".

Artist Dylan Neuwirth offered his definition of an Outsider Artist, stating, "An 'Outsider Artist' currently operating now is a creative mind balanced by a sense of business with sights on participating, influencing and making an impact with compelling work based on conceptual investigation anchored by REAL skills with a confluence of media. This person does not have the luxury of being born into an art-elite family nor the benefit of being accepted into a clique (most probably because the person has no artistic peers their work is just that good and it's off putting to unconfident people) and percentage wise works a blue-collar job to achieve their vision."

John Hulsey offered his two cents, stating, "I don't understand why any artist would bother with labels of any kind. The second we try to define what art is destroys its value as art - it is art precisely because it is undefinable and speaks directly to the soul and the heart, bypassing the logic centers entirely."

2.) Do you worry about upsetting past art collectors? (Read more about this question by clicking here)

Artist George Servais replied to this question, stating, "While we appreciate their past support we have to do what we need to survive and even prosper. Since they were already customers at one time they should be marketed to as well. Old inactive customers can be a rich source of new customers. That is a basic business strategy."

3.) Do you have an opinion about graffiti or street art? (Read more about this question by clicking here)

Artist Jackie Jackson offered her opinion, stating, "As a long time Banksy fan, I'm very open to street art and graffiti as long as it's good. A recent local art walk featured graffiti. The graffiti artists were given either an outside wall or a large board inside a disused warehouse. The event went on until the early hours and was probably the most lively art event I've been to.". Artist Edward Shott asked, "Can I spray paint grafitti on the outside of the house that you own?". 

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