Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 4-27-12

This article points to recent questions asked on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1. Do you have tips for exploring your creativity when studio time is not an option? (Visit the BrushBuzz Art Forum to read more about this question)

Artist Diane Cutter responded to this question, stating, "For those times traveling or sitting in doctors' offices, I have a folder where I keep articles and/or magazines that I want to read. That goes with me and items get tossed or labeled as I go.". Artist Lisa Mozzini-McDill added, "I always take my small sketch book to my children's practices and tournaments. There is a lot of down time especially at tournaments where sketching the people or just an interesting tree really helps me feel like I am keeping my art muscles in shape.". Artist Robert Sloan offered the following suggestion -- "No matter how busy people get, inevitably there comes some situation where you hurried up but you're stuck waiting. Those moments when you're waiting are time for thumbnails, brainstorming, small life studies of anything in sight and staying in touch with your creative side.".

2. Art and Charity: Should you say no to donating art? (Read more about this question on the BrushBuzz Art Forum)

Artist Nancy Winlove-Smith responded to this question, stating, "I think donations should be done from the heart and with no expectations in order for both parties to benefit. If the only connection to the event is to make money or to network, donating your art is probably not something you want to consider.". Artist Robert Sloan offered a few suggestions, stating, "Be aware of the limits of your time and resources. Prioritize which ones you give time and work to, weigh that as a gift to the value of the art. If you would be willing to donate that much money, donate the painting.".

3. What do you think of the 50/50 split between artist and dealer? (Read more about this question on the BrushBuzz Art Forum)

An anonymous artist responded to this question, stating, "I'm happy with 50 / 50 if the gallery does the work to warrant the split.". Artist Sean McCann offered his thoughts, stating, "Dealers always have the upper hand, because as artists we have let this happen. They act as power brokers between the artists and buyers. Buyers trust the dealer's knowledge of art and artists, to advise them on purchases. The bottom line is that as artists we want to show our work and usually accept things as they are, on the dealer's terms. Dealers have the power, but this is only because we have let it happen hundreds of years ago. It has always been like this and we think it can never change." Artist Warren Peterson added, "Artists are business people whether you want to be or not. So get everything in writing on both sides so that everyone's expectations can be understood and agreed upon. Artists should demand to review all marketing materials to make sure what the Gallery is saying about you and how it is being said fit's with your brand - you and your art vision/mission. Get involved or don't complain when what you see isn't what you expected.".

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