Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 4-20-12

This article points to recent questions asked on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1. Have you self-published a book about your art? If so, do you have any advice for artists who have considered doing the same?

Artist Clement Scott offered a suggestion, stating, "I just "self published" a portfolio book through to submit to galleries. There was a bit of a learning curve to using the software but once you have the hang of it there is nothing you can't do as far as layouts go.". Scott added, "You are not required to order a certain number of books so you can just order one if you want to try it out and see what the finished product is.".

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2. Do you have trouble writing an artist statement?

Artist Robert Sloan offered some advice, stating, "Looking at successful artist's statements may give a good idea at what things to mention.". Artist Edward Shott replied to this question on the Facebook page for FASO, stating, "Artists work should be able to stand on its own without the need for an artists statement to "explain"it.". Artist Jarrett Davis, on Facebook, offered his two cents, stating, "A good artist statement is a work of art onto itself. It takes different talents than the ones we apply to visual artwork. It should focus on clarifying the intentions and implications of the visual work in front of the viewer. It shouldn't overly explain but enhance the viewer's appreciation of the work."

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3. Only expensive art should be in museums -- say what?

Artist Jave Gakumei Yoshimoto replied to this BrushBuzz Art Forum question on Facebook, stating, "That individual is confused. Maybe there should be a more specific and critical view of one museum rather than speaking generally about all the museums as a whole.". He added, "Mission statements and collections differ according to each venue. Talk about one venue in the past year, and specify where they are falling short, then that might be something interesting to talk about. I mean look at how the guerilla girls point out each year the discrepancies of female artists as opposed to male artists... and they call out those museums and galleries by name."

Art curator Todd Levin offered an opinion on Facebook, stating, "Each museum's mission is different, anyway. Some museum's mission is to collect younger, as yet completely market untested work. Others is to collect only the best, rarest, and most iconic work of its type. Some aggressively collect work outside the mainstream (such as 'outsider art,' for instance). And others are limited by period or geography or other specifics. So it's not just the issue of the most expensive Art at a point in time = the "best" (whatever THAT means) Art."

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