Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 4-13-12

This article points to recent questions asked on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1. Do you agree with the following statement? - "You are not an artist if you lack artistic skill."

Artist Forrest Long offered some thoughts in response to this question, stating, "This is really a value judgement, and whose value is the standard?". Long added, "This question is just too subjective to give a definitive answer.". Artist Lisa Cullen suggested, "I think this argument is not for us to decide. Only each individual person can know if they are an artist or not.". Cullen added, "Art is not only an end result, it is a process, a journey, an experience.". Artist Poppy Balser offered, "I do not call myself an artist. I am a painter. I make pictures. I work hard so that they will be good ones, but even that is a subjective judgement.".

On the FASO Facebook page, artist Andy Miller Hill stated, "If you are to put requirements ie a scale of what makes one an artist and what doesn't then we might as well start grading the artists and their work from the beginning of time deleting those that do not match the pre-concieved notion of what makes art art.. OH WAIT that would make "us" art historians and there are already plenty of them placing value on art and making or breaking artists...".

2. Are you a marketer or an artist?

Artist Lori Woodward offered her opinion, stating, "As an artist in the digital age, I consider myself a small business owner. Much has changed in the past ten years.. First starting with Internet sales, direct marketing, the great recession, and gallery closures." On the Facebook page for FASO, Artist Chet Zar stated, "I think being both is the key to success. I remember when I worked with Clive Barker- that's what stuck with me. He had brilliant artistic ideas and also a great mind for marketing/business.". Artist Elizabeth Edwards added, "Today even more than yesterday, we all need to know how to market ourselves as, not only are there now more of us but we all can see each other on can our customers.".

3. What makes a work of political art 'bad'?

Artist Robert Sloan offered his two cents regarding this question, stating, "Even outside of politics I have to draw a line between "This is badly done" and "I don't like this subject." The better a subject I don't like is painted, the more likely I'll dislike it even more. "

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