Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 4-06-12

This article points to recent questions asked on the BrushBuzz Art Forum.

Some recent questions from the BrushBuzz Art Forum:

1. Do you agree with Morley Safer of 60 Minutes?

This question dealt with recent criticism by Morley Safer concerning the contemporary art world / art market. To put it mildly, Safer feels that the contemporary art market is a sham -- and that it is just a 'playground' for wealthy elite who have nothing better to do with their money. April M offered her thoughts, stating, "I think it the art world is obsessed with "names" and not particularly caring or noticing what is really out there and available. Otherwise I don't really care how much someone wants to pay for something.". Artist Nancy Winlove-Smith added, "I can only hope that the "names" receiving such large sums of money from the rich and famous put some of it towards funding arts projects in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Real artistic endeavors are not measured in dollars. Artistic value should be the measured of the imagination, empathy and expression of the work.". What do you think? Do you agree with Morley Safer? Have dollar signs replaced the real value of art? Comment here, or on the art forum.

2. Should art galleries insure artwork?

Artist Jonathan McPhillips offered some thoughts pertaining to this question, stating, "It would be great if art galleries as a general practice insured the works of the displaying artists. However, because of the unique nature of their inventory, it is not a priority in most cases.". McPhillips added, "Artists should insure their own work unless they are certain their gallery(s) will cover their work.". What do you think? Is insurance the responsibility of the art gallery OR the artist represented by the gallery? Use the comment section OR visit the art forum.

3. Can you learn to be original?

Artist Amanda Mauck offered some thoughts about this question, stating, "You can never be totally original. Nothing has not been done. the bible even says " nothing is new under the sun."". Mauck added, "Check out " how to steal like an artist" by Austin Kleon. It's all about supposed originality and where it comes from." Artist Charlotte Herczfeld offered her two cents, stating, "Let's begin with "what is originality?". I'm pretty sure there are about twice as many opinions as artists. And it doesn't get better if we have different opinions on the connotation of 'originality'...". What do you think? What is originality in art? Does originality exist?

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