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    Q: How do I Resize Images on a Mac with no Photo-Editing Software?
    How can I resize an image on a Mac if I don't have photo editing software?

    A: Use Preview to Resize Images on a Mac

    You can resize images in the system application Preview:

    -Open image in Preview (by double clicking on image; or you can find preview in your applications folder and drag & drop image onto the application)
    -Click on Tools
    -Choose Adjust Size
    -Change Width & Height to view in pixels (if necessary)
    -Change Resolution to 72
    -Change width or height to size you wish (as I mentioned I recommend that you save your images to around 1000 pixels at the widest)
    -Save Changes to file

    There are other adjustments you can make to photos in Preview - under the tools. We recommend cropping your image, before you resize it, if this is necessary. (To access the crop tool go to view > customize toolbar and add the crop function.)

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    Q: Replaced Image Not Showing on Live Website
    I replaced an image on my website with a better quality image of the same painting but the old, inferior quality photo is still displayed. How do I correct this?

    A: Due to the way images are served, it may some take time for a replaced image to show correctly on all pages of the Internet where the image is displayed.

    We use a CDN - "Content Delivery Network." A content delivery network makes copies of the content (in this case images) and saves them on servers all around the country (and world). These are extremely fast servers and serve the images really fast.

    Since the CDN makes a COPY of the image, it will not have the latest copy when the content changes.

    Changing the CDN Version adds an extra url parameter to images to "bust" the old images cached by the CDN. In most cases, changing the CDN version will cause all images on the site to reload fresh. This is useful in cases where watermarks or replaced images are not updating properly.

    Here's how:
    from FASO control panel
    click Gear icon (upper right corner)
    select Account Settings
    click Other Advanced Odds and Ends
    scroll down
    for CDN Version, change value***

    If you have a Free Account (not a website plan), you can change the CDN Number on one image, as follows:
    from FASO control panel
    click Artwork icon (top row)
    edit the image
    scroll down
    click 'Show EcommerceSettingsForFutureUse'
    for CDN Version, change value***

    ***The value in the CDN version field doesn't matter at all. The only thing that matters is that a new value is used. We usually base the value on the the date. But that is not a requirement.

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    Q: Image redirects to Ask.com
    When I click to enlarge an image on my site it goes to Ask.com! Why?

    A: The redirect you've been getting from your image to Ask.com is caused by an 'x' next to a '0' (zero) dimension in the title of some of your works.

    It's our system protecting against what might be an attack, since hackers use a combination of numbers and letters.

    The solution, in order of preference, is one of the following:

    a) Only add title to title line - add sizes to the size fields

    To edit the title of an artwork:

    from Control Panel:
    -click on Artwork icon in upper row
    -click the thumbnail to edit the piece
    -edit title line (remove the size from the title)
    -save changes

    b) Replace the 'x' with the word 'by' such as 'Tia and Watusi 30 by 40'

    c) Put a space between the 'x' and the '0'. For example, instead of 30x30, change it to 30 x 30.

    Note: We also do not recommend that you add quotation marks to your titles. Quotation marks are used in all parts of the coding aspect of a website and may cause issues as well.

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    Q: How to show artwork details or multiple views
    Can I show artwork details, or multiple views of my art?

    A: You can show multiple views of an artwork, such as detail brushwork close-ups or different sides of a 3D piece.

    Here are some examples (scroll down below top image):

    The different sides of a 3D piece:

    Here's an example of the reference photo that a portrait was drawn from:

    Figurative and Equine Sculpture (Each sculpture is a collection in itself with multiple views in each collection. Click for example on 'The Oceans Sing for Her'):

    Jim shows multiple views in his collections as well:


    And here are some other sculptors' FASO sites to peruse to see how others are using the software:

    Trudi Gilliam - mixed medium sculpture

    Linda Lewis - Narrative Sculptures in Clay

    Patty Franklin Mosaic - (glass sculptures)

    Eric Candee - sculpture using natural mediums

    Bill Bane, NSS - Portrait Sculptor


    Another great option to show multiple images/views of a piece is to upload all additional views to Non-Art Images and add them to the Comments section for that artwork. Here are the steps:



    - login to FASO control panel
    - click Images icon upper left for Your Non-Art Images
    - click Add a New Non-Art Image
    - click Choose Your Images
    - find image on your computer and double-click on it to select it
    - Upload your image - wait for it to upload
    - click Next
    - click Continue



    - From control panel:
    - click Artwork icon in top black bar
    - click on the image thumbnail that you wish to add the image(s) to
    - scroll down and place your cursor in the text box below Comments
    - click the Insert Image icon above the text box - looks like mountains/sun
    - A popup window comes up, saying :

    You've got three ways to add images!
    1. Add a New Image from Your Computer
    2. Use an Image that you've already uploaded
    3. Use an Image from the another Website

    - Select #2 and find your image
    - Click on image to select it
    - Click Select Medium Image
    - Repeat to add additional images..(if you like)
    - click SAVE CHANGES

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    Q: Resources for showing work in virtual rooms
    Do you have a way of showing my work 'in situ' in virtual rooms?

    A: Showing your art in virtual rooms is something we have considered implementing, but do not have way of adding at this time.

    You can read an article on this at:

    Also, from a FASO Forum discussion:

    Here are some options you may want to look into:

    a) OhMyPrints:

    b) Creating your images in Photoshop:

    c) Google Sketchup is mentioned in this forum:

    ... and here's a video on getting started with Google Sketchup:


    Here are some of our member sites using this type of 'in situ' sampling:

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    Q: Cant reorder images: Masonry Template related
    I can't get my thumbnails to go in the order I want. Why not?

    A: For the layout of your image thumbnails, our templates use either a 'Masonry' style layout or 'Row' layout. When using a template with Masonry layout, you can not control the order of your thumbnails. To do so, you'll need to switch to a template using 'Row' layout. Allow us to explain.

    Masonry is a grid layout based on optimal position according to available vertical space - like arranging stones in a wall. Templates that use a Masonry-style layout of thumbnails (aka 'Pinterest style layout') sort images by height, not by user preference. If you could reorder images, they may be poorly-displayed with excessive empty space.

    Here is a list of current Generation 3 templates, grouped by the type of thumbnail layout:

    Generation 3 Templates with MASONRY layout:

    Seattle Sleekness [Beta]
    Eurostyle [Beta]
    Modern Momentum [Beta]
    Elevated Custom
    Elevated Coral
    Striking Studio
    Cosmic Chameleon
    Morphic Maplelicious

    Generation 3 Templates with ROW layout:
    (If you want to control the order of your thumbnails absolutely, you'll need to choose one of these templates below):

    Slate Custom
    Slate Orange

    To change your template, click on the Design icon in your control panel toolbar, then 'Change your site's template.' You can also refer to the article here:

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    Q: Tips on photographing your artwork
    How do I photograph my work?

    A: Good images are key to showing your work at it's best. If you do not want to hire a professional photographer, following are some tips and suggestions.

    Some artists contact their local college to find a photography student to help at a discounted rate. Others employ the good graces of an amateur photographer friend. If you want to give it a try yourself, read on.

    Our award-winning client David Cheifetz created a diagram showing how he photographs his work. Click on the diagram to open a pdf file from this page:

    In case you're not familiar with Photoshop's 'Free Transform' as he mentions in this diagram, here's how to work with that:

    -Open your image in Adobe Photoshop
    -Hit Command/A (Select All) to select the image
    -Edit/Free Transform
    -Adjust sides


    Here are some articles with more information:










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    Q: Create a collage with Picasa
    How can I create a multi-image collage?


    Many photo editing programs will have an option to create a collage of images. Here are the steps to do so, using Google's free program Picasa.

    To download Google's free photo editing program Picasa, go to:

    Once you have Picasa downloaded to your computer:

    1. Pull your images into Picasa - when viewing your image on your computer or disk, right-click and click 'Open With' then choose 'Picasa Photo Viewer'

    2. Hover over your image, and click 'Edit in Picasa' - below image near the center

    3. Repeat with your other images

    4. In Picasa, you may need to click 'Back to Library' to see all your images

    NOW - make your collage:

    - Highlight/select all the images you want in this collage (use Control and click on each image so they are all selected)

    - Click 'Create' - up top

    - Click 'Picture Collage'

    - Under 'Settings' click 'Grid: Arrange pictures into regular rows and columns'

    - Now the tricky part - under 'Page Format,' try different options to see which ones do a layout that suits your needs. You may need to click 'Add Custom Aspect Ratio' - for Dimensions, try 8 x 2 (8 inches wide x 2 inches tall).

    - Click 'Create Collage' button

    - Click 'File'

    - Click 'Save As' - give a title, and save to your PC, perhaps on your desktop so you can find it easily

    - Click 'Save'

    Now you can upload that image to your FASO control panel, either to your artwork portfolio, or non-art images. It will be considered a single image.

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    Q: How to keep Buy Now button off an artwork and price on
    How can I show a price on a piece but hide the PayPal Buy Now button, when it's only for purchase through a gallery?

    A: Here is what to do if you want the price to show on an artwork, but not the PayPal 'Buy Now' button. If the piece can only be purchased through a gallery, but you still want the price to be displayed, handle this with 'Availability' -

    1. login to control panel
    2. click Artwork icon in upper row
    3. find your artwork, and click on thumbnail to edit
    4. for 'Availability,' change from 'Available' to 'Through Gallery'
    5. save changes

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    Q: How can I rotate images on my website?
    How can I rotate images on my website?

    A: You can rotate an image AFTER uploading by using our integrated image editor (powered by Aviary), that is available to you through your FASO control panel.

    Here's how:

    1. log in to control panel
    2. click on MY ARTWORK PORTFOLIO
    3. click on the artwork that needs rotating
    4. Hover over the image and click "Edit this image"
    5. Click the blue button at the top that reads "Edit this photo"
    6. Click the orientation icon
    7. Rotate the photo as needed
    8. Click "Apply"
    9. Click "Save"
    10. Click "Click here to continue and use your new edited image"
    11. You will be returned to your artwork portfolio and should now see that the image has been rotated.

    Last Updated: 9/16/2013 2:56:11 PM

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    Q: Enlarge thumbnails
    How do I make my thumbnail images larger?

    A: 1. Log in to your Control Panel
    2. Click on Artwork icon (top row, 3rd from left)
    3. Click on 'Edit the works display'
    4. for option 'Use Variable Size Thumbnails', change to Yes
    5. For 'Width of Thumbnails (in pixels)', enter a value from 80-150 to designate the width in pixels that you want your thumbnails to be
    6. Save Changes

    NOTE: If you have the option 'Default Works Thumbnails' set at 'Thumbnail with Info', and you are NOT using Collections, it's best to use a maximum thumbnail size of 130 pixels.

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    Q: Can I Edit My Images Once I Have Uploaded Them?
    How can I edit my images once they have been uploaded?

    A: You can edit an image AFTER uploading by using 3rd party software called Aviary that we have made available to you through your FASO control panel.

    Here's how:

    1. log in to control panel

    2. click on MY ARTWORK PORTFOLIO

    3. click on 'Edit' to the right of the image that needs editing

    4. click on 'Edit this Image' (to the right of the image)

    5. click on the blue 'Edit this Photo' button to open the editor.

    6. once image opens in Aviary, select correct editing tool (crop, rotate, etc.)

    7. Do your editing

    8. click "Apply" to apply your changes.

    9. click "Save" to save your changes back to your FASO account

    10. You will then see your new, edited image next to your existing, unedited image. Click on the link below the image you wish to keep.

    Your edits will now be applied. It is usually virtually instant, but it can sometimes take up to several minutes for the changes to propogate to the front end servers.

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