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    Q: How to add video or a slideshow
    Can I add video or a slideshow to my site?

    A: If you can upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or a similar online video sharing website, then it can easily be added to your website.

    The online video sharing site you choose will provide you with HTML code that can be added to your site. The advantage is that the video can play in real-time right from your web page (without the user needing quicktime installed, or being taken out of your website).

    Add videos as follows.

    Upload your video or slideshow to YouTube.com (it's free and easy)
    Copy the Embedded, iframe code from your video page at YouTube.com

    To get the YouTube embedded code:
    -below your video (on YouTube)
    -click on 'Share'
    -below the link, click on 'Embed'
    -copy (Ctrl C) the iframe code that appears in the text box

    In FASO Control Panel - go to the page where you want to add the video
    -Click on HTML at the top of the text editing screen
    -Place your cursor where you want the code to be pasted
    -Paste (Ctrl V) the code provided by You Tube (or other video sharing site)
    -Click Save changes

    This will create the video screen on your page of your site. Visitors will be able to play the video directly from your site.


    NOTE 1: It is not possible to add iFrame code until you become a paying client. This is due to the need to protect ourselves from malicious spammers.

    NOTE 2: Non-paying trial account users CAN add the Old Embed code. The disadvantage is that your video will not display on iPads and/or tablets. To create the Old Embed Code, use this code generator resource:

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    Q: How to increase/decrease size of YouTube video
    Can I make my YouTube video/slideshow larger?

    A: To make a YouTube video or slideshow larger on your site, you can change the dimensions in the HTML code. You have to be careful not to mess up the aspect ratio (format). You wouldn't want your video to get too wide, or long and skinny.

    To do this:

    1. Login to control panel
    2. Access the editing page that contains your video or slideshow
    3. Click HTML (icon above the text box)

    In the video code, you'll see something like this:
    width="420" height="315"

    4. To make your video 20% larger (for example), add 20% to each of those numbers, so they would show as:
    width="504" height="378"

    5. Click 'Update'
    6. Save Changes

    Last Updated: 2/16/2015 5:16:14 PM

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    Q: Disable ads on your YouTube video
    How can I disable those annoying ads on my YouTube video that I want to place on my site?

    A: From this help video:
    'How to Turn Off Advertisements in YouTube - Updated'

    1. login to your Youtube account - make sure you see your Google avatar top right - that confirms you're logged in
    2. click on your avatar
    3. click the gear-looking icon for 'Youtube Settings'
    4. click 'View Additional Features' - blue link
    5. under 'CHANNEL' click Advanced - left column
    6. look under 'Advertisements' - click 'Do NOT allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos'
    7. click 'Save' - blue button top right

    Last Updated: 2/19/2015 4:55:46 PM

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    Q: Use iFrame code for video to show on mobile
    Why isn't the video on my site showing on smart phones?

    A: In order for your video to show on mobile devices (iPhones, Androids, tablets and iPads), you must use the iFrame code.

    If your code starts with:
    < embed
    < object
    then you have the old code.

    To get the iframe code:
    - go to your video on YouTube.com
    - click Share (below video)
    - click Embed
    - copy the iframe code that shows in the box - it should start with:
    < iframe

    Then go to the editing screen in your FASO control panel (the page where you want the video to show)
    - click HTML (above the text box)
    - paste in code, replacing the old code if necessary
    - click Update
    - Save Changes

    NOTE: It is not possible to add iFrame code until you become a paying client (due to the need to protect ourselves from malicious spammers). If you are still in your free trial, then you'll need to use the regular:
    < embed
    < object
    code for now. Just know that your video may not show on all mobile devices.
    When you become a paying client, we can help you replace the code.

    Last Updated: 2/19/2015 5:02:50 PM

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