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    Q: PDF link forces download
    I added a PDF, but when I click to open it from my site, it makes me download it. How can I make it open right up?

    A: The way PDFs open depends on your own browser settings. This page has some info on this:

    We suggest you do a Google search on something like: 'Firefox pdf settings without download' (replace 'Firefox' with your browser, such as Chrome or Safari). You might get a page such as:




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    Q: How do I link to a PDF on my site?
    Can I add a PDF file to my website?

    A: A: Yes! You can add a pdf file to your site such as to link to a magazine article. Here are 2 artists using this feature:


    You can read an article here:


    Here's how:

    A) Upload the pdf file:

    - login to your FASO control panel
    - click on gear icon in upper right
    - click on Account Settings
    - click on Files Manager - lower left
    - click on Upload a File - green button
    - select a PDF file from your computer by clicking on Choose files or simply drag and drop a file into the file uploader pop-up
    - click on the Upload button (lower right corner of the file uploader pop-up)
    - once the PDF file has been uploaded, highlight/select the URL (web address) of the PDF and copy it (CTRL/C)

    NOTE: Our current limit for uploading files is 30MB.


    B) Insert the PDF file link to page on your site:

    - from Control Panel:
    - click to edit the page where you want to add your link, such as from left column, or by clicking More Categories to find it
    - in the text box (white box under blue bar, below row of icons), type in the text you wish to link the PDF to (for example: Click Here to View Article)
    - highlight/select that text
    - go to tool bar above and click the chain-link icon (says 'Insert/edit link' when you hover over it)
    - a new screen pops up
    - paste (CTRL/V) the URL into the Link URL text box
    - click Insert
    - Save Changes


    If you need help, just ask. We can help you create a special page just for your articles.

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