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    Q: How to use Pages
    I want to create a page that does not seem to fit into one of the pre-set template pages. How can I do this?

    A: We suggest creating a page using our 'PAGES' feature. Here's how:

    -In Control Panel
    -Click 'More Categories' (left menu bar)
    -Click on 'Pages' in right column
    -Click 'Add New'
    -Add Title for the page
    -Add image(s) in the text editing screen (place cursor in text editing screen where you want image to go; click on image gallery icon (mountains & sun icon on far right); follow prompts)
    -Add text
    -Click 'Add & Save Now'


    Add the page to your navigation bar:
    -click on Edit Navigation Bar
    -In an open category (one not being used)
    -Choose the 'page TITLE' from the drop down list - it will show toward the bottom of the list
    -Click Submit to Save changes

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    Q: Double Heading on Pages - Advanced SEO
    I created a page using the PAGES category, but now my heading shows twice on the site. What do I do?

    A: When setting up a page using our PAGES category, you may see your page heading listed twice on the website. We apologize for this duplication. To correct this for now, until our programmers come up with a better solution:


    Many, though not all of the pages in your control panel have the Advanced SEO button. Here's how to use it:

    1. login to control panel
    2. click to edit the page (your PAGES title should be listed in left column)
    3. click 'Advanced SEO' - button near bottom of page
    4. Add desired text in the boxes

    * Page Title is the text that will appear in the browser window's address tab
    * Page Heading is the heading that appears on the page of your site

    If you want to leave Page Heading blank, add the code for non-breaking-spaces:


    5. Save changes

    If that all sounds like Greek, we're happy to do this for you.

    Last Updated: 4/27/2016 9:59:07 PM

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