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    Q: When will I recieve my award check?
    I won a cash award in the BoldBrush contest, when will I receive my award check?

    A: Generally the check will come by the 15th of the month following your award being announce. So as an example timeline:

    1. You enter the January Contest

    2. The judging is done in Early February

    3. The winners are announced on February 20th and you are one!

    4. You receive an email notification that you are a winner and are asked for 1099 info if you are a CASH winner.

    5. In early March (the month following the winner announcement) accounting and checks are done.

    6. Generally you should have your check by the 15th of this month (so March 15th in our example).

    A few notes:

    * If you don't have your check by the 15th, that usually means that are accounting is a bit behind, there is no need to worry in that case. If we notified you by email, then we know you won and will send you your check.

    * If you don't update your 1099 info by the time we process checks it could delay you receiving your award as we generally only do it once a month.

    * If you haven't received a check by the end of the month, feel free to inquire.

    Last Updated: 9/10/2015 2:34:29 PM

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    Q: How to enter the art competitions
    How do I enter the art contest?

    A: 1. Login to FASO Control Panel
    2. Click the 'Contests' icon in the upper row
    3. Click 'Enter this contest' below the competition you want to enter
    4. Click 'Enter an artwork'
    5. Click 'Select an image from your Portfolio'
    6. Click the thumbnail of the image to select it - wait for it to upload

    (If you have a full website account, you receive 3 free entries into the BoldBrush Art Contest per month depending on the plan you’re on.)

    Last Updated: 4/25/2015 4:14:37 PM

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    Q: Facebook Likes on contest site differ from those on Facebook
    Why does my painting show more Likes on my Facebook page than on the BoldBrush contest site?

    A: The likes that show on your BoldBrush Painting Contest entry page are not related to the number of Likes your artwork may have on your Facebook (FB) page. You may have 20 Likes on an image on your FB page; these come from your FASO site or your FB page itself; they do not show on the contest site.

    Likes on the BoldBrush contest site are from people clicking 'Like' when viewing your entry on the contest site itself, such as here:


    If you click the question mark next to the number of likes, you'll see this info about 'unique likes' -

    UNIQUE Likes are the actual number of individuals who have actually visited the BoldBrush painting entry page and clicked the LIKE button.

    Unfortunately, the count shown on the like button itself is inflated by Facebook and double-counts some people, and also counts people who never visited the page and never actually 'voted' for the painting.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: Get your fans to visit your BoldBrush painting entry page and click LIKE - those are the ones that count for our rankings.

    We outline how we determined that the Facebook like button displayed people count was inaccurate, and how we get the accurate count here:

    Last Updated: 5/27/2015 5:57:53 PM

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    Q: Add link to site on BoldBrush contest entry page
    How do I add my website link to my BoldBrush contest entry page?

    A: To place a link to your website on your BoldBrush contest entry, you'll need to edit your 'Focal Point Data.' This is also how you can add to your Artist Directory listing. This listing is called your Focal Point page or your Canvoo Page. It is what one sees when they click 'Artist Websites' from FASO.com and then search for (and find) your name.

    Your Focal Point page will be at a page like this:

    The majority of info that appears in your Focal Point page is automatically propagated and updated according to info that you enter into your website.

    Here's how to add your website link, which will show on all your BoldBrush contest entries, as well as how you can add more info to your profile if you like:

    1. Login to Control Panel
    2. Click 'About the Artist' (on the left in gray)
    3. Click 'Edit Focal Point Data (BETA)'
    4. Enter your domain next to 'Main WebSite'
    5. Add any additional information such as range of prices, or Photo of Artist, Example Artwork, etc
    6. Click 'Save Changes'

    Last Updated: 6/18/2015 4:20:34 PM

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