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    Q: Can I change my site's colors?
    Can I change my site's colors?

    A: Yes, of course. We have many color palettes to choose from (and we add more all the time).

    1. login to control panel
    2. click Design icon - upper right
    3. click Color Palette - blue button

    You will now see up top: FASO Color Palettes | Your Color Palettes | Create New Color Palette

    FASO Color Palettes is the page you are on, showing the pre-made color palettes that we offer at this time; more are released regularly - as of early 2016, there were over 80!

    When you click on one of the color palettes a preview page will show on the right.

    4. click - Use this color palette on your site-> to select a palette

    You can edit the individual elements if you want changes, once the color palette is applied.

    PLEASE NOTE: Not all templates use every element. If you have difficulty changing the color of a particular element, let us know. We may be able to do it for you by adding CSS code to your control panel.

    You can also make your own color palette, by clicking -Clone- under a FASO palette. That will drop you into a visual editor where you can preview different changes and save them until you are ready to apply them to your site.

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    Q: Templates hard-coded for color
    Which templates have the colors built in?

    A: The following templates at this time that are hard-coded for color (you can not customize the colors), are:

    Elevated Coral
    Morphic MapleLicious
    Slate Orange

    If you want to control the color palette on your site, avoid these templates.

    Last Updated: 4/9/2016 1:03:41 PM

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