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    Q: Having problem with multiple image uploader
    Why am I unable to use the multiple image uploader?

    A: The multiple image loader requires Adobe flash. If your browser does not have flash installed, you can click on the "use html uploader" link to upload your work.

    You also may need to clear your browser cache - see http://faso.com/faq.asp?#15

    If you are on a mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet, our uploader will automatically bypass the flash uploader (since mobile devices don't run flash) and drop you into the html uploader.

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    Q: How to upload multiple images at once
    How can I upload more than 1 image at a time to my portfolio?

    A: Here are the basic steps for uploading multiple images at once to your Artwork Portfolio:

    1. Login to Control Panel
    2. Click 'Upload Art Now' - red box top right
    3. Click 'Choose your images' and find your image(s) on your computer
    4. Click on 1 image, then hold down the COMMAND or CONTROL (CTRL) key on your keyboard, and click all the next desired images. They should all be highlighted (selected)
    5. Click OPEN
    7. Click 'Add these images to an artwork collection' to assign all these images to 1 collection

    - Fill in title (replace title if needed), and Medium & Price if you like (you can always edit your images any time later)

    8. Click 'Save and Continue'
    9. Click 'Save and continue' (again)
    10. Click 'Continue'

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    Q: Why won't my images upload?
    Why won't my images upload?

    A: There are several factors that will affect the image upload process.

    1. FASO is programmed to only upload .jpg (.jpeg) images in RGB mode (sRGB mode for Photoshop users) at 72 dpi resolution.

    The first thing to check is the file extension to make sure you have jpg images. The file extension is the period followed by 3-4 letters after the filename. It will look like this "filename.jpg" or "filename.jpeg". If the extension is anything else (such as .tif, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .pcx, .psd, .png) you will have to open the image in your image editing software and save it as a jpg.

    2. The next possibility depends upon your internet connection.

    Broadband DSL and Cable modem connections should not be a problem. Dial up connections can interfere because the rate the connection transfers data is much slower. It is not impossible to upload images over a dial-up connection however, be prepared for it to take a while. How long will it take? It mainly depends upon the connection speed. Current dial up modems are rated at 56k, which means in a perfect world it can transfer 5.6 kilobytes of data per second. If you are trying to download an image that is 1 megabyte (which is 1000 kilobytes) divide 1000 by 5.6, which equals the number of seconds it will take to download. Divide the number of seconds by 60 and you will get the number of minutes it will take. Roughly a 1mb image will take about three minutes. However, this scenario is figuring ideal connection speeds, which rarely exist in the real world. Depending on which internet service provider you use, most of the time the dial up connections will actually connect somewhere between 24-36k sometimes more, sometimes less. (Something else to keep in mind is the upload rate is usually slower than the download rate.) To spare you any more details the smaller the connection number the longer it is going to take.


    There are a couple of tricks to decrease the potential problems in uploading your images.

    The first step is to decrease your file size.

    The FASO image upload component processes 9 different sized web images for every image you upload.

    If you open your image in your editing software you should be able to change your units of measure to pixels. Some software will display the pixel dimensions as well as the print dimensions. Donít worry about the print dimensions. Change your largest dimension to 800 pixels and save your changes to a new file.

    Whenever you reduce a digital image, it may lose a little sharpness so you may want to apply a sharpen or unsharp mask filter before saving the file. Saving as a jpeg will give you the option to apply compression to the image, which will also make the file size smaller (please note I said file size not image size).

    Some people get alarmed by the fact they are compressing their images, which potentially alters the image quality. Honestly, if you have a nice image to begin with you can set the compression or quality level at 6-8, which significantly reduces the size of the file but has little or no visual affect on the appearance of the image.

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    Q: Why does it seem to take forever for my images to upload?
    Why does it seem to take forever for my images to upload?

    A: The speed and/or type of internet connection combined with the file size of your image are the main factors concerning the length of time it takes to upload your images.

    You might want to check how large the images you are trying to upload are. One way to speed up your uploads is to reduce the size of the images you are uploading.

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    Q: How Do I Upload Photos of My Artwork?
    How Do I Upload Photos of My Artwork?

    A: 1. Log into FASO control panel

    2. Click on red 'Upload Art Now' button
    [if you are in the art portfolio, you may also click on 'Add New Artwork' link, if you prefer]

    3. Click on 'Choose your images'

    4. A new window will open up from your computer so you can navigate through the files on your computer and choose the image (or images) you would like to upload. Select the image or images, and then choose 'open' or 'select' (this varies - it depends upon your operating system)

    5. Image file name(s) now appear in the upload box screen of your control panel

    6. Click 'Upload your images' - wait for it to upload

    7. Title your image - use a descriptive title with no quotation marks or sizes

    8. Assign to the right collection

    9. Add 'Vertical Size' and 'Horizontal Size' if you like - use only numbers, no 'x' and no inches symbol

    10. Add 'RetailPrice' - especially if you are using Paypal (or plan to)

    11. Save Changes

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    Q: I'm having trouble uploading my images
    I'm having trouble uploading my images, what is the problem?

    A: [HTML]
    It's likely a "trusted sites" issue; Make sure both 'cloud.fineartstudioonline.com' and 'data.fineartstudioonline.com' are in your trusted sites. Using a different browser works too. More info at:

    Just renaming an image does not automatically make it a JPG. If your images are not JPG files already you will have to open them in a photo editing program and re-save them as JPGs.

    JPGs must be in RGB mode (this is usually the default unless you save for print usage). JPGs must also be set to the 8-bits per channel mode. (Under Image/Mode in Photoshop). Again, 8-bits per channel is normally the default.

    NOTE: For Photoshop users who have images with an 'Embedded Profile,' it is important to use sRGB mode. For more info, see this FAQ:

    4. MAKE SURE THAT THE .JPG FILE NAME CONTAINS ONLY LETTERS AND NUMBERS. If your file name includes non-letters and non-numbers such as '$"_/, etc., you need to remove these characters, rename the file and save the new file.

    Depending on the speed of your internet connection, your uploads may be 'timing out' if your images are too large. In general, for web use, your images don't need to be any larger than 1200 pixels along the longest dimension. (They do need to be a minimum of 550 pixels on one side.)

    6. Try a DIFFERENT browser. Our software has been tested on all major browsers but occasionally personalized settings or third party add-ins can cause issues. You can download Firefox from www.mozilla.org.

    7. Be sure all of your security and privacy settings on your browser are set to medium or default.

    8. Be sure the image is not in use or locked.
    If the image is open in another program (like Photoshop) or if the computer 'thinks' it is open - sometimes it will be 'locked' and you won't be able to upload it. Make sure it is not open in another program - and if it still doesn't work reboot the computer.

    9. REBOOT - this is always a good thing to try with any persistent error.
    We have seen unexplainable problems just 'disappear' after rebooting.

    If you've tried all of the above and still get an error message during the upload process, especially if it happens more than once, please email ONE of the images that you were attempting to upload to We will attempt to upload it and see if we can duplicate the problem.[/HTML]

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    Q: What Size Images Should I be Uploading?
    What Size Images Should I be Uploading?

    A: For the majority of people using a digital camera to photograph their art, images direct from the camera are a perfect size. Most digital camera images are under 3MB and will upload just fine (with high speed internet service).

    HOWEVER please understand that if your camera is set to take RAW photos, RAW photos are HUGE and will never upload.

    -The MINIMUM size for image uploads is 550 pixels (px) on the smaller side.
    -You do not need to upload images larger than 1200 px on the long side.
    -The MAXIMUM size for image uploads is 10MB (best size under 5MB)
    -The larger your image file, the longer the upload process will take.
    -We recommend 72dpi (higher resolution can be uploaded - the system will re-size for online use).

    The larger your image file, the longer the upload process will take.

    We recommend 72dpi (higher resolution can be uploaded - the system will re-size for online use).
    We recommend uploading images that are 5MB or less.

    Images must be .jpg (jpeg) image files, in RGB mode (specifically sRGB mode for those of you who edit images in Photoshop or similar image editing software).*


    *For more info on sRGB mode, see this FAQ:

    Last Updated: 9/27/2016 1:09:57 PM

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