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    Q: How to Make Sure your art is in the FASO Daily Art Show
    How to Make Sure your art is in the FASO Daily Art Show

    A: The FASO Daily Art Show is a daily show of art uploaded the previous day: http://dailyartshow.faso.com

    Here are some details about it: http://faso.com/daily

    There are some details that you must be sure to include about your artwork to be sure it is included in the FASO Daily Art Show.

    Your piece must be uploaded prior to midnight central time to be in the following day's art show, otherwise it will push another day forward.

    An artwork uploaded at 11:30 PM Central Time on January 1st will appear in January 2nd's art show.

    However, an artwork uploaded at 11:30 PM Western Time (1:30 Central) will appear in January 3rd's art show. That is because, in the view of our web servers, it was really uploaded on January 2nd in the Central Time Zone.

    NOTE: Images are arranged in the DAS image on a first come first serve. The earlier the image is uploaded, the higher up it is in the DAS. Example, an image uploaded at 12:01am CT January 1st will appear at the top left of the DAS image on January 3rd. An image uploaded at 11:59pm CT, January 2nd, will appear on the bottom row in the DAS image on January 3rd.


    ALSO, your uploaded piece MUST contain some vital information to "verify" that it is in fact, artwork.

    If you upload a group of artworks, the FASO will select the most recent one uploaded. That means it's important to make sure the most recent artwork you've uploaded has all the details listed below. The most recent piece is pictured at the very top of your art portfolio in your faso control panel.

    Bottom Line: You need to include (in addition to the title of the work) at least one of the following: the medium, the size of the artwork, the collection on your site, or the price. Preferably as many of them as possible.

    The more information we can display to Daily Art Show viewers the better.

    Why we require this information:

    When we first launched the Daily Art Show, any image uploaded to someone's art portfolio was considered a "piece of art." However, we started to notice lots of photos of people's studio, their pets, their kids, their vacation photographs etc were appearing in the Daily Art Show. Many people upload ALL of their images to their art portfolio, even though it's pretty simple to keep the art in the portfolio and the non-art images out of the portfolio. So, we had to figure out a way to limit the Daily Art Show to real pieces of art.

    Then we noticed that nobody ever adds a "medium", "size" or "price" to their vacation photographs. So we changed the algorithm that calculates the Daily Art Show to require at least one of those pieces of information [1]. We figured that most artists, if they want to show and sell their art, would want their prospective buyers to know the medium, size and price of their art work.

    It's worked very well, so, be sure you include that information on any pieces you want the system to consider for the Daily Art Show.

    Sharing Art Enriches Life!


    [1] The algorithm may change again in the future as needs evolve, the best bet is to include as much information as possible. Preferably all of them: Title, Medium, Size and Price.

    MORE ON THIS TOPIC: http://faso.com/blog/50356/requirements-to-appear-in-the-faso-daily-art-show

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    Q: How to Exclude Your Art from the FASO Daily Art Show
    This article explains how you may, if you wish, exclude your new art from being picked up and shown in the FASO Daily Art Show at http://dailyartshow.faso.com

    We include your art by default as a way to assist in putting your art in front of more people.

    A: 1. Login to your FASO Account

    2. Click "Marketing Center"

    3. Click "Your FASO Daily Art Show Settings"

    4. Next to "Exclude My New Art from the FASO Daily Art Show" select "Y" if you wish to EXCLUDE your art. (meaning we won't show it)

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