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    Q: Why am I not receiving my FineArtViews Newsletter?
    Why am I not receiving my FineArtViews Newsletter? I know I'm subscribed and that it's not in my junk mail folder, so why don't I receive it?

    A: Unfortunately some ISP's are overly aggressive in fighting "spam" and they delete legitimate email messages.

    We have this problem mainly with Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail (Windows Live Mail). We are constantly working to make sure those ISPs do not trash your messages but sometimes there's not much we can do from this side. Unfortunately we can't just pick up the phone and call either.

    If your deliverability problem continues you might try having an email account with a different provider. We are also working on ways to minimize this problem.

    If you ever accidentally reported a FineArtViews newsletter as spam, our email provider will not send to you no matter what we do on our end. In that case, you need to contact us using the link below, and send us the following information.

    1. The email address where you wish to receive FineArtViews
    2. It must be the email address from which you accidentally reported us as spam.
    3. A statement which says that you marked a FineArtViews newsletter as spam, that you wish to be removed from any suppression lists, and that you will not mark it as spam in the future.

    Once we have that information, we will forward it to our ESP so they can remove you from the suppression list.

    Last Updated: 11/1/2014 12:34:18 PM

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