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    Q: Link to Google doc
    How do I add a link to a Google doc?

    A: You can add a link to a Google doc on your website, such as for (1) a calendar of your workshops, (2) sign-up for art classes you are giving, etc.

    First, you'll need a Google account. You can create this at:

    Then, create your Google doc at:

    You can click 'Browse Template Gallery' to find the type of document you want to create. If you need more help on this, this page may help:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Once you've created your Google doc, go to your doc and set 'Sharing' so that other people can view and/or edit the document, for example so they can sign up for classes. Just click 'Share' in the right-hand corner of the Google doc, and set your 'Sharing settings.'

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    To add the link to your FASO Site, here are 2 options:


    1. Copy the URL for your Google doc from the address bar - it should start with:

    2. Login to FASO CONTROL PANEL

    3. Click on the page (in left menu bar) where you want to add the link

    4. In the text box, add text that you'd like to place the link on, such as 'Click Here to Sign Up for a Workshop.'

    5. Select (highlight) the text

    6. Click the 'Insert/edit link' icon above the text box (looks like a chain link) - A new window pops up

    a. add the url (web address) to the 'Link URL' box
    b. set 'Target' to 'Open link in a new window'
    c. click UPDATE

    8. Click SAVE CHANGES

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Note: This method will pop visitors out of your FASO site when they click the link.

    First (again), copy the entire URL for your Google doc. It should start with:


    1. Login to your FASO CONTROL PANEL
    3. Click 'Advanced' (lower left)
    4. Paste the URL for your link into the LEFT column of an empty category
    5. Enter Override Text to RIGHT-hand column (what you would like the wording to be on your Navigation Bar)
    6. Click SUBMIT


    To embed a Google Calendar on a website page:

    1. Open Google Calendar on a computer (not a mobile app).

    2. Click Settings

    3. Open the Calendars tab

    4. Click on the calendar name

    5. Copy the iframe code in the Embed this Calendar section

    6. Log in to the FASO Control Panel

    7. Click on the page where you want to embed the calendar

    8. Click HTML in the toolbar above the text section

    9. Paste the iframe code in the HTML Editor

    10. Click Update

    11. Save Changes

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    Q: Add a Fine Art America widget
    Can I add a Fine Art America widget to my site, to link to my page to sell prints?

    A: Here is how to create a widget for FineArtAmerica (FAA) to add to your FASO site:

    -log in to your FAA account (need Premium account for widget)
    -click Behind the Scenes
    -click Shopping Cart Widgets (under Marketing)
    -select a widget

    (You can add some of your own website color codes, so it matches your site. You can find the color codes in your FASO control panel in the Design Center.)

    After adding your own color codes (optional), click the box under Embed Code. The code will be highlighted; right click to copy the code.

    NOTE: My colleague Gayle has added the Stand Alone Shopping Cart. This widget is a little wide for some of our templates, but does work well on our new mobile responsive templates (Generation 3 templates).

    You can see how it functions on Modern Momentum her page here:

    (It is possible that she has changed templates by the time you read this. As you know, FASO clients can change their sites any time without our knowing.)


    How to add to your FASO website:

    To place a widget on your site, you have 2 options.

    Once you have the code:

    1. Add to text editing box (on Main page, for example)

    - from FASO control panel:
    -click on the category/page where you wish to add the widget/badge (such as Your Sites Home Page - left column)
    -click on HTML (above text editing box)
    -paste in the code where you want it to show (below existing text perhaps)
    -click UPDATE
    -click Save Changes


    2. Add widget to navigation bar:

    -from FASO Control Panel:
    -click on gear icon in upper right for Your Account Settings
    -click Account Settings
    -click on 'Other advanced Odds and Ends'
    -click HTML above the 'Extra Header HTML' text editing screen
    -paste the HTML code provided
    -click UPDATE
    -click SAVE CHANGES


    Need help with the widget? Provide us with the code and tell us what page you want the widget on. The best way to get the HTML code to us is to paste it into an email and send to: - please add your account # to the subject line. And remember to tell us what page on your site you would like for us to place the widget.

    We will do our best!



    You can create a Page especially for this link and add it to your Navigation Bar, titled Prints and Cards for example. For info on our PAGES category, see our FAQ here:



    You can also add a direct link from your navigation bar to your FAA print shop, without using a widget or a special page.

    -log into FASO Control Panel
    -click 'Edit Navigation Bar' - notice which category you want to use
    -click 'Advanced' - only Categories 1-8 are available for this method
    -under 'Override Link,' paste the link url in the space beside the Category -under 'Override Text,' type in what you would like to name the link, such as Prints
    -click 'Submit'

    Here's an example:


    Click on 'Barbara A Newby Photography-Additional Galleries'


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    Q: How do I link to Other web sites using the Links Page?
    How do I link to other web sites like other artists, my galleries and museums where I'm showing?

    A: The Links category is designed to allow you to create OUTBOUND Links TO Other web sites. This allows you to support other people and businesses whom you wish to link to.

    To add links:

    - login to your control panel
    - click on More Categories (left column)
    - click on Links (right column)
    - click Add New

    Fill out the appropriate information and submit.

    NOTE: DO NOT ENTER the http://, start with the www. for the link url.

    You can also give a brief description of the link.

    When you are finished, click Add.

    Add additional links in the same way.


    To add Links page to your navigation bar:

    - login to control panel
    - click on Edit Navigation Bar (left column)
    - for an unused category, select Links in Left Column - from drop-down menu
    - click Submit to save

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    Q: Can I change the order of the listings on my links page?
    Can I change the order of the listings on my links page?

    A: At this time the links page only lists the links in alphabetical order.

    A workaround is to preface each link title with a number (1, 2, 3,4) this will display the list in the order that you number the links.

    Last Updated: 10/23/2013 9:24:11 AM

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    Q: How do I add a live, clickable link to some text?
    I want to add a hyperlink in my text. How do I do this?

    A: NOTE: It is good to 'grab' (copy) the link you wish to insert BEFORE starting the process below. The best way to grab this link is to open the site (or page) you want to link to. Copy the address that appears in the address bar (Control/C). Now, go back to your FASO control panel and insert it using the instructions below.

    -log in to control panel
    -click on the category or page where you want to add the 'link'
    -Enter some text - like 'Click here for more info'
    -Select (highlight) the text
    -click the 'Insert/edit Link' icon in small tool bar above the text box (looks like a chain link)
    -a new window pops up

    1. paste (Control/V) the url/web address in the box to the right of 'Link URL'
    2. set 'Target' to 'New Window' (for external sites) if you like (many people prefer to use the back button rather than have links open in new windows)
    3. click 'Insert'
    4. click 'Save Changes'

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