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Every artist should have a personal artist website for selling art online

Having a personal artist website to display your art online is the best way to dominate your online art market. While it is true that artists today have many choices as far as online art marketing is concerned the importance of having a presence via means of a personal website for your art is more valid today than ever. If you desire to sell art online it is crucial to have your own presence if you desire to reap the reward of your efforts.


Having your own artist website is a key factor toward success if you desire to sell original art online without having to split profit from eCommerce with others. For example, if you rely on the typical free portfolio websites that offer profiles to artists (think Myartspace, Artwanted, or DeviantART) in order to market your art there is almost always a commission to be paid when your art is sold. After all, that is the bread and butter of free social networking portfolio websites that cater to visual artists. The last thing they want is for you to take business into your own hands by establishing a personal website for your art.


An artist should try to avoid dividing profit online as much as possible because it is simply not productive for online art marketing goals. Some free portfolio based artist websites take as much as 15% commission from artwork sold and fail to offer artists a unique presence online. That alone makes having your own artist website the best route to take for your online art marketing strategy. You want a presence that is as unique as you are instead of being lost in a sea of artists. Luckily, FASO artist websites make it easy to establish the hub of your online art marketing efforts while placing the power of eCommerce into your hands so that you benefit 100% from selling art online.


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