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Promoting Exhibits in Reverse

I ran across a blog entry today on that got me to thinking about the way artists and galleries generally promote art exhibits.  Blog Far in Advance to Promote Your Art Exhibit, all of the artwork gets created and then the exhibit gets promoted in an attempt to culminate in an opening where sales are made.  But what if promotion started much earlier?  How about sending email newsletters telling collectors what you are conceptualizing for a show?  Then follow up with emails regarding your experiences during any trips or research for the show?  Share photographs of places that you visit.  In other words, [...]

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Will Your Galleries Balk at Your Web Site?

Brian from Maine wonders, "Hi Clint, I was just reading some things in your blog -- the point that stood out to me was your suggestion to list my website on the backs of artwork. Wouldn't galleries balk at this?"Thanks for your question Brian. Certainly, some gallery owners distrust artist contact information on the backs of artworks. For years this has included an artist's address and phone number. Now of course, web site addresses are taboo as well. Some gallery owners may even remove or black out such information. One can sometimes feel a pervasive desire to create a “wall of [...]

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Back from Maui with Some Thoughts about the Internet

Hello all. Some have been wondering where I have been. I had a chance to go to Maui for several days for a unbelievably good (cheap) price. I will blog about Maui as I get back to "normal." Today, I'm still trying to get back on Texas time and experiencing my first real case of jet lag.  By the way, if you're a landscape painter, you have GOT to go to Maui.  Even an artistically challenged layman such as myself managed to get some great photographs.  It's pretty difficult to take a bad landscape photo in Maui.Reading a recent newsletter that [...]

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