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Don't miss a great tip to ensure good quality images of your artwork.

A Lightbox & Accessory Recommendations for Photographing Small Paintings

If you are constantly waiting for an overcast day to photograph outside, or fighting glare with studio lights, this is your solution. [...]

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Don't miss S.C. Mummert's continued discussion on camera's and their optical distortion.

The One-Eyed Liar (Part 2)

Last time, we examined the camera’s tendency to compress values and alter colors. This month we’ll explore its penchant for optical distortion. [...]

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The Limitations of Working from Photographs and How to Compensate for Them

Photos are a great resource to work from as long as you understand their limitations. Working from life as often as possible will help you expand your ability to interpret photos into personal expression. [...]

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The Necessity of Taking Photographs

When you take those photographs, they are yours. No one else has taken the same photograph in the same way... at the same exact moment. (Just as when you do a drawing or a painting.) And as an artist, that is what can help make your painting inspirations, concepts and ideas yours and yours alone. [...]

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