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Image from a beloved collector's home.

Popular Room Decor: A Guide for Creators and Collectors on How to Know What to Paint and What to Buy

So as I work with artists of all kinds, as a teacher and a mentor, I fully understand their desire and need, to be an artist and I try very hard to share with all of them the tools to help them be who they are and make the best work they are capable of creating. [...]

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Many artists, myself included, will overcorrect when we realize improvement is needed in some aspect of our art.


If you suffer from overcorrection, don’t worry, it is part of the growth cycle and you will eventually find the middle ground. As you move back and forth from the right to left of your ideal, you will find that your swings or overcorrections become less severe each time. You are moving ever closer to the middle ground that you are seeking. [...]

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Paint Mentally While Observing Your Subject

Memory Exercises

We are often in the habit of glancing very quickly back and forth between viewing the subject and looking at our canvas. This enables us to judge how closely we captured what we see, but it hinders our ability to strengthen our memory. It also hinders our ability to filter the unnecessary out. We become dependent and as a result are more apt to simply replicate the scene rather than create an interpretation of the scene. [...]

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Build your own value

Be an Artist: Don’t Settle for the Status Quo

Be impatient. Don’t wait. Take your art and art marketing into your own hands. Build your own value. Produce art that others will gladly pay for. Enable yourself to dream. And take initiative to act on those dreams. [...]

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If you create works that are authentic, you can find an audience.

Sage Covered Hills

The point of the article is that you should not worry about anyone’s voice but yours. Create what inspires you. Create authentic and honest work. Be true to yourself and your art. [...]

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The hardest and most courageous thing you can possibly do is get back up when life knocks you down.

Artists and Rejection

The key principle to keep in mind is that it is your responsibility to succeed. In the grand scheme of history, it is YOU who will be remembered, not the people that rejected you. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how to find your story


Why do you paint/draw/collage/sculpt/sing/dance/insert-your-creative-work-here the way you do? I know artists who are capable of using any medium but CHOOSE colored pencil work. Not because they can’t do anything else, but because it feels right to them. [...]

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Don't miss Gallery Owner Jason Horejs' Perspective on Consistency in your art

Artists: Are you Consistent? A Gallery Owner's Perspective

How Developing a Strong Style and Laser-Like Focus is One of the Most Important Things you can do for Your Fine Art Career [...]

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“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”

The Pain of Discipline

You really do only have 2 options. You can have the discipline to pursue your art - which requires sacrifices, or you can look back years later and wish that you had. You will have regret or disappointment in the dream you never dared pursue. [...]

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Keith Bond shares some helpful tips to develop your emotional voice in your art

Cultivating Emotion

Spend time developing your emotional voice, coupled with your technical development. If you do, your work will have much more meaning. [...]

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Ketih Bond shares some insight on how to keep your creativity fresh.

Safe, New and Risky

Maybe you aren’t in a rut. Maybe you still find enjoyment with your subject, but you want to continue to explore and try new things to keep your creativity fresh and alive. [...]

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Don't miss Keith Bond's advice on how to find your personal style

The Most Fulfilling Art

So, in short, find what your muse is telling you. Explore, experiment, try new things, but be honest with yourself. Create the works that give you the most fulfillment and satisfaction. Look at your work and see if you can identify your voice. Create the works that are you. Be you. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the completing a plein air painting outdoors vs indoors

The Two Plein Air Artists

When painting on your own, the only rule is to do what works best for you to achieve your vision. Be it completing the work on location; finishing it in the studio; or using the study to inspire a new, larger studio work. But again, the questions. Should there be a standard at an organized event? What should that standard be? Where do you stand on the issue? Or does it not even matter? [...]

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Luann Udell shared how to be focused and diverse in your art career

WHAT I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME ABOUT ARTISTS: You Can Be Focused, You Can Be Diverse, It’s All Good!

You get to choose what you do, how you do it, how many things you do, and you can change it whenever you’re ready. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how easy it can be to lose track of our own vision.


When we follow someone else’s vision, it’s easy to lose track of our own. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the "Sight-size Method"

Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Sight-size Method

The problem with sight-size is that if you have become dependent upon it, you may not have the confidence (or worse yet, the ability) to accurately draw something that isn’t exactly as you see it. You become dependent upon copying. Creativity suffers. Works become technical craft and less about feeling, mood, and expression. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next artilce in her series, "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Artists"

WHAT I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME ABOUT ARTISTS: There's More Than Just One Kind of “Artist”

I wish someone had told me there are a thousand ways to be an artist in our modern world, especially with all the new material, new techniques, and new resources available to us. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's discussion on how to make your own luck.

Effort = Luck (4 Tips)

If you fail, get back up and work harder. You leave seeds each and every time you put in the effort. Do it long enough and you establish a reputation. If you refuse to give up you will be the last man standing and in the end, you'll claim the luck you always dreamed of having. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how to navigate your art career as the times change


There are many ways for our work to become a part of someone else’s story, someone else’s world, someone else’s journey. Keep hope in your heart, and be open to new possibilities. And be patient with yourself, as we all navigate these new waters. [...]

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Eric Armusik discusses self-taught stigmas and shares 5 valuable tips

Banishing The Self-Taught Artist Stigma (+5 Tips)

A self-taught artist is a professional artist if they take their work and craft seriously. Never ever give up. You are greater than you know. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how the art of your heart can be so fulfilling

THE DOCTOR IS IN: A Prescription For Getting Unstuck

Because something and little steps are better than nothing... And the power of little steps can bring great rewards, physically, personally, professional, emotionally, and spiritually. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how to respect your creative process

What You and M. Night Shyamalan Have In Common

Be all you can be. Rejoice that you can be an artist in the world today, with few restrictions, except for the ones you take on yourself. [...]

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Don't miss Keith Bond's follow up article to "excuses are the enemy of opportunity"

Self Doubt

A certain amount of self-doubt is healthy. It keeps us humble and motivates us to strive to learn, practice, and improve our art. But an overabundance can be harmful or even crippling. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of letting your natural style emerge in your art

Develop Your Personal Style

This holds true with your art. You can focus on the techniques to the point that you can mimic any style. But when you focus instead on content or expression you will revert to your own personal style. And your natural style is more likely to emerge when you are in the zone... So, in short, don’t worry about forcing a style. It will come naturally as long as you don’t hinder it by failing to learn and grow as an artist. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses when to push yourself a bit and when to take a break in your art

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #10: Vary the Intensity.

Know when to push through, and when to take a break! [...]

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Ketih Bond shares his thoughts on original creations

The Spirit Within Your Art

An original creation emanates something from within that is felt. Not by your fingers, but within you. Felt by your spirit. I don’t know how or why, but somehow, through the hands of labor and through the labor of love, you imbue within your artistic creation a portion of you. Not your physical self, but in a way part of your spirit self. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of replenishing your creativity.

Refilling the Well

You must refill the well if you wish to access it again....Much of the refilling occurs naturally for artistic and creative types. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares how to ensure a smooth commissioned art process

Navigating the Commission Process

While commissions can certainly be a challenge, they can also be rewarding as your client gets to become part of the creative process and have a work of art that perfectly suits her needs. With a little forethought and planning, you can handle a commission professionally, keep your sanity, and provide excellent customer service. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses why you should aim to be original in your art business

Be the One Everyone Else Compares Themselves To

Be original. Do you better than anyone else. And be the one everyone else compares themselves to. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the importance of practice, study, and discipline

Practice Your Art

Neither musicians nor athletes perform without a lot of practice. In most cases more time is spent practicing than performing. Yet, many visual artists think that once they reach the professional level, they no longer need practice. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the power of branding

Branding is the Only Power Artists Have

Branding, in the sense of being a power, is defined much more narrowly than the way most marketing people use the term. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the importance of how to strive for style naturally

Strive to Not Have a Style

According to him, it is critical to develop a personal style, but it is equally critical that it isn’t forced. Experimentation and exploration of a variety of styles, media, motifs, etc. are important. In the process, a personal style will eventually emerge. Let it emerge, don’t resist it. [...]

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Keith Bond shares how creating instead of replicating can help improve your artwork

Replicating vs. Creating

Allowing your memory to distill the information is a powerful tool. It frees an artist from replicating, and allows an artist to orchestrate and rearrange. [...]

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Lori Woodward discusses how to charter your own art career.

Charting Your Artistic Course

Like it or not, if your work can be recognized as "Your Work", you'll have an easier time attracting an audience for it. [...]

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John Weiss' continued discussion on the three important words to help you be successful.

The 3 Words You Need to Know for Greater Success, Part 2

As a creative, consider the work you’re producing. Does it stand out? If not, try doing the opposite of what you’re currently doing. Switch things up. [...]

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John Weiss discusses the three important words to help you be successful.

The 3 Words You Need to Know for Greater Success, Part 1

There are three words you need to know that can help you achieve greater success. Those three words are: Do the opposite [...]

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Lori Woodward's discusses how to build your skill set by narrowing your focus.

For Love and Money

What if I could make just as much, or more money painting the subject matter that truly motivates me? Since it is a given that in order to attract a collector clan, I'll need an easily defined, connected body of work with a unique style, why not make that body of work something that I'll never tire of? [...]

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Lori Woodward shares the value of always being a student...

Adding Value to Your Artwork

Never settle... as soon as you think you've learned everything there is to know about making fine art, your work is in trouble. [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 4 Part Two: Where (Besides Colorado) Is Your Happy Place?

The world is a big place, and there is a place for you in it, somewhere. [...]

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The Crossroads

There comes a time in your career where you reach the crossroads. You must make the decision of which road to take. [...]

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