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Jane Chapin, "Corrales Adobe" 10 x 8 Oil (Gallery closed corner frame)

Presentation Matters

Finally, presentation is an indicator of your self-worth as an artist. Just as you would not go to a job interview in sweatpants and a dirty old t-shirt, put your artís best foot forward. You never know who may wander into a show and notice it. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the important role a frame can play in selling your artwork.

Using Frames To Sell Artwork

Itís important to think of a painting as a whole package. Quality paintings and quality frames go together. [...]

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Current Framing Options - Part 1

There are many, many framing options available to artists today. Your framing selection will be determined by several factors: your style, your venues, your buyers, and your budget. [...]

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3 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Pictures

Spruce up the house this spring and check on your pictures. Even if you don't think you have available pictures, these tips can prolong their life and your pleasure. [...]

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How do you frame pastel paintings?

Soft pastel has to be framed under glass. No amount of spraying fixative will change that! [...]

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