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Tracy Ference shares why people still want a painted portrait

Why Portraiture?

There is something about the human experience that is revealed within a portrait and people feel drawn to that elusive thing that makes a painting so much more than a photo. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the benefits of starting strong in your paintings

The Strong Beginning

So again, I encourage you to take the time to have the strongest beginning possible. By the way, taking the time to do a thumbnail before you put paint to canvas will contribute to a stronger beginning. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses how to feel inspired when creating commissioned art


Is there a way for you to feel inspired and excited about the work and still fulfill a client’s request for a commission? Can you do it without feeling like you are selling out to commercialism? Can you maintain your artistic freedom and integrity while doing a commission? [...]

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Jason Horejs shares how to ensure a smooth commissioned art process

Navigating the Commission Process

While commissions can certainly be a challenge, they can also be rewarding as your client gets to become part of the creative process and have a work of art that perfectly suits her needs. With a little forethought and planning, you can handle a commission professionally, keep your sanity, and provide excellent customer service. [...]

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How to Get Art Commissions!

How to get art commissions and the Do's & Don'ts once you have them. [...]

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Commissions - Are They Right For you?

While commissions can be lucrative, they're not always as joyful as painting for yourself. So whether you take them on or not, depends on what types of work you're capable of, and how much tolerance you have for letting clients direct the content of your artwork. [...]

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