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Luann Udell discusses how we must nourish our artistic nature regularly


Our artistic nature is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised regularly, too. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how getting to the studio--is half the battle.

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #3: You have to do it even when you don't feel like it.

Getting to the gym—or the studio—is half the battle. Have your winning arguments ready! [...]

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There’s a lot going on behind the curtain! [...]

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MacGyver Studio (Part 2)

Hopefully this helps some of you out there cut through the tangled web of studio lighting, there's a lot of trial and error (and money spent) trying to find what works best for your situation. [...]

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Why Artists Need a Sacred Space

A sacred space is what you make of it. A studio does not have to be large or fancy... [...]

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MacGyver Studio (Part 1)

We all dream of the perfect studio, even those who have a dream studio, dream of an even better one! [...]

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Forget the Flowers and Hold the Wine

Let your art speak for itself. And let your art be the star of the show. [...]

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Many Hands Make Life Work

When people come together to accomplish a task, the energy is amazing! [...]

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Your Next Studio

The beauty, the real blessing of many studio moves, is nothing is ever going to hold you back for very long. You learn what to keep, and what you can let go of. [...]

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