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Debra Joy Groesser shares how art organizations and juried shows can benefit your career.

Getting Your Work Out There – Art Organizations and Juried Shows, Part 1 & Part 2

Being involved with an art organization can offer countless benefits to artists depending on your interest and goals... [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's discussion on finding a balance

Testing the Waters

In lieu of little paper water testing strips, what can we use to measure what we need? A little group of artistic friends can help. Make sure they “have your back”, know your heart, and treat you fairly. Checking in with people you love and respect, who love and respect Y*O*U, can do wonders to get our balance back. [...]

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Luann Udell's shares a hidden benefit of teaching a workshop

The Hidden Beauty of Teaching

I’m hoping I can offer “community” as another healing power of my art. [...]

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Luann Udell shares ideas for finding your tribe.

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #11 : Find Your Peeps!

Ideas for ways to find your tribe. [...]

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Luann Udell shares tips & highlights on how to make these "meetings" your own.

THE FOUR QUESTIONS: #10 Make It Your Own!

Take advantage of new options for your meet-ups. [...]

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Luann Udell shares the last question in the series "The Four Questions"

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #9: "What Support Do You Need?"

Go ahead, ask for help. It’s what tribes are for! [...]

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Luann Udell shares how to use rejection to move forward

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #8: Where Does It Get Hard?

Often our biggest obstacle in our art biz and life is….ourselves! [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how one step can get you one step closer to your art journey

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #7: What Is Your Next Step?

Trite, but true: Every journey begins with a single step. [...]

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"It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become." (From The Lorax.)

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #6: The First Question: “What is your greatest vision for your art?”

Protect your creative vision, your dreams. Protect your creative space. USE this particular sacred, creative, protected space to grow, as an artist. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next topic "Rules" in her series, "The Four Questions".


Take the opportunity to learn from someone else’s experience, their assumptions, and their mistakes--and discover their insights and solutions! [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next topic "Roles" in her series, "The Four Questions".


The greatest gift you can give a woman is to LISTEN to her! [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's discussion on the power of affirmations, the next post in her series "The Four Questions"

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #3: The Power of Affirmations

You get to choose who you are in the world. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's continued discussion on the importance of an art group.


Socializing is good, it’s good to be social! But not all social, all the time. [...]

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Joining a Group

We artists tend to be solitary – whether by choice or necessity. Creativity comes from within and we tend to work alone. Yet, we have a need to connect with and associate with others. [...]

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The Long Tail of the Art World

The work that you create now has a much better chance of finding an audience more than any other point in history. You just need to find your tribe and help it grow. [...]

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Being Abnormal

Because we’re supposed to -- because the normal way of going about things is to join prestigious groups and enter prestigious shows and try to catch the attention of prestigious galleries and not even dream of doing things on our own. In order to sell artwork, we are told, the quality and beauty of the artwork itself is the last thing we’re supposed to consider. We need the right group, the right publicity, the right show, to make it all happen. And in order to be in the right place at the right time, we need be joining those groups and buying those ads and entering those shows -- consistently writing out checks to other people in the belief that they will do something for us in return. [...]

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Not All Great Paintings Have Frogs in Them

The initial problem lies, however, in accepting that being alone is not weird. Too often, when we embark upon a creative outlet or a new lifestyle or gluten free eating or knitting socks from the toe up as opposed to top-down, or whatever it is that we want to get really good at, we seek out a group, because, we tell ourselves, “I will learn so much from other people, and that will help me advance.” And so we start attending this group, monthly or weekly or every two weeks, and while we do learn good things from others around us, we also pick up -- and reinforce every time we attend the group -- not so good things as well. [...]

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First You Make The Roux

And it's what an artist must do to succeed. Put out little tendrils of hope - blog, enter a competition, update your website, give a workshop, join a great art group, give lessons, design a new business card, try a new technique, send out a press release, write an article, and: keep a running list of all these "ingredients." [...]

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Do Art Organizations Matter Anymore?

I think the prestige of the art societies was a casualty of the new culture of personal branding. In the past, there were a limited number of these groups and they had a lot of power. It meant immediate exposure and sales if your art won an award. However, with the emergence of social media it became very easy to start your own group or just ignore the art societies and promote yourself. Suddenly there were a lot more voices in the room and it became very difficult to distingush one from the other. [...]

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Is Social Media A Negative Place For Artists?

Social media mirrors your own social circle. Most of the time your friends are not going to criticize you in a public form. The real negativity arises from the different tribes of artists and when they interact on a public forum. [...]

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FOMO - Art Style

Samuel Adoquei said, "The best artists are givers." That is what I see at events - knowledge and talent being poured out by artists so that others could learn from their successes and mistakes. Hopefully as we are inspired by others (and not hampered by FOMO), we will take what we can use for our own personal journeys and simply leave the rest. We've got painting to do! [...]

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The Tough, Sensitive Artist

It’s an odd stereotype we propound – this tenderly sensitive, fragile, batty creature who produces ugly art others swoon over, and while myth is often grounded in truth, it’s time we tore off our berets, crumpled up the smocks, and realized that, while artists are different, they’re not necessarily weird. [...]

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Taking Off The Mask

So what does removing the mask mean? This means communicating to strangers like they are our friends. Don't be afraid to give your personal opinions or tell stories about your personal life. Post pictures of yourself working on your art. And most of all, it means talking to anybody who takes the time to engage in conversation. This means comments on Facebook, personal emails, and reviews of your work. It does not need to be a long response, but just a sign that you are listening. [...]

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The Dragon Outside the Cave

If the answer’s yes, then do it. If the answer’s so-so, see if there is a way to turn it to your advantage, and offer your customization ideas to the asker. And if the answer’s no, just say no – politely, firmly, graciously, and guilt-free. [...]

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Wiki Working for Artists

We are the sole proprietors of our own business. We create products, which we need to sell. We have to deal with expenses, marketing, sales, financing, legal, and all other business aspects, not in this specific order necessarily, but in some way that will make our business viable, thriving and sustaining. [...]

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Artists Creating Their Own Opportunities

A recent post Brian wrote about supporting your local art community by creating your own opportunities reminded me of Karen Taylor, a local artist. I met her through the local Artists' Network, she established couple of art initiatives, organizing several shows a year for each of them. So I decided to chat with Karen and hear how she's done it. [...]

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Ironing Socks

At any one time, I’ve got submissions out to galleries of Steve’s work; queries to freelance art and writing organizations; applications to shows; letters to magazine, newspaper, and online editors; touch-base contacts with local businesses and potential clientele; submissions, submissions, submissions. If everything comes through at the same time I’ll be toast. [...]

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Technology Pains and Tips on Surveys

Following my last post on 10 ways to use your smartphone to help your art career and the additional comments many of you posted on other ways to use your phone (which I summarized in a follow-up post on my blog), I had several discussions with artists about their pains with technology and its usage to help them with their art career. This, coupled with Clint’s recent posts on Facebook and other social media, I was thinking that it might be the right time to open this to you, the artists community. [...]

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Online Art Community: The pros and cons of online art groups

I've been researching online art groups lately. My focus has been on art groups ranging from Facebook art groups to art groups found on commercial art sites, such as deviantART groups. This aspect of the online art community can be a great source of feedback for artists who are focused on gaining exposure for their art online. However, the effectiveness of involvement with online art groups in regard to art marketing overall is a mixed bag. [...]

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