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Continuing on with our examination of the reasons why “young people today” don’t buy art.

Reasons Why Millennials Don't Buy Our Art #2

And yet, none of this—the vacuum, the lack of women in art, the lack of materials, exposure to art, the lack of a portfolio (which resulted in me not being accepted into art school at the time), none of this prevented me from appreciating art, nor did it prevent me from becoming an artist myself. [...]

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I find the best way to be productive is to simply ignore all the stuff I "should" do and just do the thing I want to do.

Artful Procrastination

If you want to produce the diamonds, you have to produce a lot of coal. Therefore, your only choice, if you want to do great work, is to produce all of them. [...]

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At last, we’re ready to dig into the many reasons millennials don’t buy our art.

Reasons Why Millennials Don't Buy Our Art

My sole point today is to show how even a few major insights can help us change our attitude towards millennials: [...]

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You don’t know what you don’t know.

You May Be Uncomfortable Reading This

We need suggestion. We need guidance. And usually we don’t know we need it. [...]

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Sometimes we have to learn the lesson the hard way.

Customer Service Still Rules

But there are also people who genuinely love and appreciate us for what we do, who invest their own hard-earned money for the work of our heart. We owe it to them to make sure that wonderful exchange stays positive, and compassionate. [...]

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Hold this in your heart: The deepest, most powerful reason for making our art is that it gets us to our highest, best place in the world. It heals us.

Why Aren't People Buying Our Artwork?

One topic that came up was, why don’t millennials buy art? The list of reasons she gave was astonishing, and all of them made perfect sense. (Spoiler alert: Millennials DO buy art. Maybe just not OUR art.) [...]

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Don't miss The Messy Studio's Podcast

Your Art Stories

Seeing the big picture can be therapeutic; the positive aspects of your personal history can help guard against discouragement and provide confidence going forward. [...]

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The best way to sell art is to produce art that is so good they can't ignore you.

To Those Who Would be Artists: Beware of the geeks

So......beware the geeks. If you let us, we'll be happy to take your time, your money and your future. [...]

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See where Art's adventures take him next...

The Life of Art, Series #128

Art, an aspiring fine artist who works full time as a police officer. Art is surrounded by supportive and well-meaning family and friends who don't always get his passion for painting, and he often finds himself in strange situations that make you just want to laugh out loud. [...]

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“Be strong when things get hard. Listen more. Think slow. Love deep."

BE THE HERO IN YOUR OWN STORY: Framing Is Everything!

Be the hero of your own story. Tell the story only you can tell. Because your story might just inspire someone else to be a hero. [...]

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Eric Armusik shares how facing your fears can open up your creative flow

Face Your Demons

No one wants to suffer. Most of us will go out of our way to avoid anything unpleasant. But as artists, we can always find something beautiful even in the most tragic circumstances. It's our job. [...]

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I hope we can all find a way, and a reason, to keep on ‘making’. I hope we can let go of envy of the success of others, and our own fears of failure, and simply rejoice that we have the luxury, and the privilege, to be able to do this work. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next article in her series "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Artists"


Maybe we can earn a living with it. Maybe we can’t. But it has to have a place in our lives. [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses fine art vs. decorative art

Ask a Gallery Owner | Fine Art Vs. Decorative Art?

I feel that fine art is in the eye of the beholder. I look for artwork that interests and excites me and that will bring an interesting dimension to our gallery. As the email above says, I’m looking for art that has “emotional touch point.” That’s my fine art. A visitor to the gallery might feel the same and become motivated to buy the piece, or they may not experience any connection and walk right out the door. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how breaking things up into smaller steps can make a world of difference

The Pathways to Excellence

Giving it a shot is an important starting point, but it isn’t enough. I’ve met too many people who tried painting or drawing and quit because they got discouraged too easily. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how to respect your creative process

What You and M. Night Shyamalan Have In Common

Be all you can be. Rejoice that you can be an artist in the world today, with few restrictions, except for the ones you take on yourself. [...]

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Don't miss Keith Bond's advice for unfinished art projects in the new year.

A Time for Completion

So, at this time of year, as you consider what you want to accomplish in your art career, let me suggest that you make a resolution to complete some of those unfinished projects. This is a great time for new completions and happy endings. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's discussion on finding "the right shoes" for the RIGHT next step.

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #11: Wear the Right Shoes.

But....if constant “playing around” is getting in the way of something else you want....If you want to be considered as more than a hobbyist, you must rise above your tools and techniques--and become a master of the medium itself. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses the importance of flexing your creative muscle

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #7 Work (gently) through your setbacks.

Not all of us will be world-class artists, or hugely successful artists, or even very good artists. But if you love it, and it's important to you, you must find a way to keep doing it... It's as important to your creative nature as moving is to our physical bodies. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of replenishing your creativity.

Refilling the Well

You must refill the well if you wish to access it again....Much of the refilling occurs naturally for artistic and creative types. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Rhoads inspiring column on not giving power to the wrong thoughts

A Tale of Two Mindsets

Today is a good day to have a chat with yourself about what you believe and how you want to change your story. I can tell you that if you repeat your new story enough, your old story will fade. [...]

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Nobody here but us unorganized procrastinators! [...]

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Lori Woodward shares the importance of keeping the faith throughout your art career.

Of Fear and Faith

When you're flying high, keep in mind that things can change, and when you're feeling low, keep the faith. [...]

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Lori Woodward's discusses the power of the "red dot" at an art show.

The Psychology of SOLD

Sales really do beget Sales. [...]

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A World Without Art

Art is powerful. Art is meaningful. It enriches our society. [...]

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The Suffering Artist

Paint like no one will ever see it, so the only person you’re pleasing is yourself. You’ll have breakthroughs unlike any you could otherwise experience. [...]

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I Hope You Dance

If I can give you any advice to help you overcome those feelings of despair, it would be to feed your passion. [...]

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On The Verge

Being ‘in the zone’ does not guarantee great results and great art does not need to be created while ‘in the zone’. [...]

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The Most Important W Of All Part Two: Getting to the Heart of Your Art

Be relentless in your search for your truth. [...]

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Repeated Exposure Over Time

In the modern world there is a lot of noise. There are a lot of people and brands demanding our attention. Even if your art is great, you can't assume people will simply find it, prefer it and purchase it. You must find ways to distribute and expose your artworks to the world. [...]

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Introducing John P. Weiss' Book: An Artful Life

Whether you're a seasoned pro, or a noble "weekend warrior", by the time you finish this book, you will be inspired like never before to stand before your easel and get on with the important work of making the world a better place for all of us. [...]

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Who Are You; Who Were You?

Beware of changing your art simply to emulate others who seem more successful than you. After all, each of us is unique, and we can take advantage of that. [...]

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What Does Inspiration Feel Like?

Inspiration. It’s what makes the difference between a response of, “Hmmmph,” and “WOW,” and while different people react to a work in individual ways, there is a reality to inspiration that cannot be denied. When the creator of the work has invested time, thought, skill, feeling, and soul into a piece, the result comes across in a manner not duplicated when the creator was in a hurry, unskilled, uninvolved, passionless, and just out to get the thing made to turn a buck. [...]

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When I think about art, which for me is all the time, I do make assessments; I attempt to evaluate the art of others and that of my own. Other art I want to appreciate for what it is and for what it may say. My art I want to evaluate in order to expand and improve. [...]

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What About Discouragement and Despair?

And in today’s art, economic, and social environment, being an artist is pretty challenging. [...]

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Introducing The Life of Art by John P. Weiss

This new cartoon series is called The Life of Art and will begin appearing every Sunday in Fine Art Views. [...]

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Inspiration Is Real, Surreal, Fleeting but Practical

“Artists need to allow themselves time to perfect what they do, without the worry of producing and producing and producing. We do not manufacture paintings – we create art.” [...]

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Making The Bed

It’s about the story we choose to tell, and how we make our art reflect that story. [...]

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This Is Why Elegance Trumps Winning

Artists have a unique ability to touch others through their work. By creating and sharing beauty, artists reach people on an emotional level. [...]

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This Is Why Art Will Never Let You Down

...I realize just how special it is to be an artist. To be blessed with the fire of creativity in our hearts. It is a gift that stays with us, like a loyal companion, to the very end. [...]

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