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Luann Udell shares important tips for your next art show

It's The Little Things That Count

Trust me--it’s those little things that help your art biz grow big! [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses how to cultivate your brand

Cultivating your Brand as an Artist

Your brand can’t exist in a vacuum. While you can put a lot of thought and effort into creating a brand, until you put yourself and your work out in front of collectors it’s all theory. Those who experience your work may be able to tell you more about your work than you can. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how to make time for your dreams

When Stealing Is Acceptable

Today, not tomorrow, is always the answer to getting something done. I have no doubt you can do it, it’s just a matter of stealing some time. [...]

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Keith Bond shares how excuses can lead to missed opportunities

Excuses are the Enemy of Opportunity

What excuses do you struggle with most? What fears do you have? What excuses were you able to overcome and what successes came from that? [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next tip: "Make Do With What You Have" in her Exercise for Success series

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #12: Make Do With What You Have (Til You Know Your Real Next Step)

If you’re determined invest in those high-tech karate/biking/sports shoes, knowing they will make a difference... Make sure they’re the right size. And the right fit. [...]

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S.C. Mummert's discusses two very important elements in the world of artificial light for an artist: Color Temperature and Color Rendering.

It's All About The Light...

For many, North light has long been considered the gold standard for an artist to paint under--which arguably, it is. However, a ton of artists out there lack North light in their studios. As a result, the majority of art today is often created either in part, or wholly under artificial lighting. [...]

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Don't miss Jason Horejs' follow-up article on becoming a better art salesperson

Becoming a Better Art Salesperson: The Power of Silence

As your client finds an interesting piece and you move toward the close, silence can be far more powerful than talk. [...]

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Tears of Joy

Though these fires are horrific, the ashes provide moments of clarity, moments of gratefulness and a much needed fresh start for some. Though reaching out to these people I did not know what to say or how they would respond, but I’m encouraged by their strength, their resolve, and their gratefulness. I’m not sure I’d be as strong. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's discussion on finding "the right shoes" for the RIGHT next step.

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #11: Wear the Right Shoes.

But....if constant “playing around” is getting in the way of something else you want....If you want to be considered as more than a hobbyist, you must rise above your tools and techniques--and become a master of the medium itself. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of letting your natural style emerge in your art

Develop Your Personal Style

This holds true with your art. You can focus on the techniques to the point that you can mimic any style. But when you focus instead on content or expression you will revert to your own personal style. And your natural style is more likely to emerge when you are in the zone... So, in short, don’t worry about forcing a style. It will come naturally as long as you don’t hinder it by failing to learn and grow as an artist. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses when to push yourself a bit and when to take a break in your art

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #10: Vary the Intensity.

Know when to push through, and when to take a break! [...]

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Clint Watson shares some tips on how to treat your art collectors

You're the Rock Star

You're the Rock Star. And you should be doing the things I described above. If you didn't know that...well, now you do. [...]

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Don't miss Jason Horejs' tips on how to become a better salesperson

Becoming a Better Art Salesperson - Are you Chasing Away Your Buyers?

Many artists, and even some gallery salespeople, mistakenly think that the art sales process is a mysterious, and perhaps even devious way to trick people into buying something they’re not interested in. If this is your approach to selling, you will have limited success and unsatisfied buyers. I believe our work is much simpler: we are here to help people who feel a real connection to your art make it a part of their lives. [...]

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Strength needs stretch to reach maximum potential. [...]

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One Simple Trick To Get More Customers

When your "gold panning" rewards you with a customer, treat her well and send those thank you notes. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses how focusing on the needs of others, will help your art.

Stop Worrying About Yourself - Focus on Others (Part 1)

Stop worrying about yourself and focus on the needs of your clients. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses the importance of support.

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #8: Get the right support.

Find ways to “hold it together” during the hard times and the slow times. [...]

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Your Artful Amplifiers

Do you monitor worry about your website's traffic? Do you encourage beg people to "like" you on Facebook? Do you wonder if hope search engine marketing will ride in on a white horse and hand you new buyers? [...]

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Don't miss Jason Horejs' discussion on how to deal with negative feedback

Responding to Negative Feedback About Your Art

No matter what the situation – online or off, remember that your critics don’t define you. Being a glass-half-full kind of guy, I like to think that each critic is helping me thicken up my skin, and for that I should be grateful, I guess . . . [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how to spread generosity through your art

The Art of Giving Paintings Away

What can you do to live generously today? It may not be about a painting, or even a physical gift at all. It may be about listening or helping or just reaching out to someone who needs an ear. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses the importance of flexing your creative muscle

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #7 Work (gently) through your setbacks.

Not all of us will be world-class artists, or hugely successful artists, or even very good artists. But if you love it, and it's important to you, you must find a way to keep doing it... It's as important to your creative nature as moving is to our physical bodies. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how real world activities, can help your online demand

Real World Activities Drive Online Demand

You are going to struggle if you aren't participating in real world activities. If you are only ensconced in your studio and your entire marketing plan consists of posting to your website, posting to social media, and relying on search engines, then it's going to be very difficult to truly generate new demand for your art work. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares tips on how to help you meet new people and build relationships

Breaking the Ice - Starting Conversations with Potential Art Buyers (and anyone else who crosses your path!)

Once I realized that it wasn’t my job to try and impress people with something I said, but rather that it was far more important to be impressed with something they said, I became far more successful at building relationships. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's inspiring words on celebrating how far we've come.

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #6 Measure your progress. And celebrate your milestones.

If we only look at how far we have to go, we forget to celebrate how far we've come. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to get your art in front of potential collectors

Capitalizing on Boredom

If you've built your list correctly, your subscribers want to hear from you. They love your art. They're craving for interesting, beautiful, human connections. [...]

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S.C. Mummert's discusses analogous and complementary colors

Analogous and Complementary Color ...

Here’s my take on why this looks so fabulous ... at least to me. Analogous colors are quite gorgeous in their own right. That’s one reason why a rainbow seems so glorious. Each color is directly related to, and harmonious with, the one directly beside it. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how to "keep your eye on the prize"

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #5 Eyes on the Prize!

Art is truly the gift that keeps on giving.... If it speaks to someone else, if it inspires THEM to do the work of THEIR heart, if it lifts THEIR heart and heals THEM, the circle keeps on growing. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to avoid missed opportunities.

How to Get Lucky

On many days, when I give myself permission to "play" and "wander" and let goals slide, opportunities arise and/or the day's work is more productive than if I had adhered rigidly to the Tyranny of the Task List. And often, on days where I strictly adhere to my task, dutifully advancing in baby steps toward my goals.....I tend to miss opportunities in the pursuit of checking off every item. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how stepping out of your comfort zone can impact your goals

Conquer Your Unrealized Dreams

A goal without a plan to execute is a goal that is unlikely to be realized. Understanding where you are and where you want to be helps you find the gap between those two points. What are the obstacles within that gap? We all need specific clarity about the problem to be solved, the specifics of the opportunity or obstacle, and the steps required to execute our strategy. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of replenishing your creativity.

Refilling the Well

You must refill the well if you wish to access it again....Much of the refilling occurs naturally for artistic and creative types. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how we must nourish our artistic nature regularly


Our artistic nature is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised regularly, too. [...]

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Clint Watson shares the benefits of giving yourself enough quiet time to play and experiment...

Systematic Wandering

The danger with goals is it becomes very easy to become focused on the goal, to the exclusion of better options. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares how to ensure a smooth commissioned art process

Navigating the Commission Process

While commissions can certainly be a challenge, they can also be rewarding as your client gets to become part of the creative process and have a work of art that perfectly suits her needs. With a little forethought and planning, you can handle a commission professionally, keep your sanity, and provide excellent customer service. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses how to survive and thrive in the art world

How Art Businesses Die

The part of the cycle I want to discuss today is death - when your business is no longer sustainable and there is no one to support it... My goal is to help you, or those you know, to prevent death - to keep art selling. [...]

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Don't miss Keith Bond's follow up article on workshops.

Workshops -- Should You Organize Your Own?

On the other hand, if you have the skills to handle the logistics and are willing to do the work, you could earn all the profits - 100%. Yes, you will incur expenses you otherwise wouldn’t. If you begin local - preferably in your own studio - you can minimize many of those expenses. If you have a decent mailing list already, then advertising can be minimal as well. Play with the math and see what the projected expenses and profits are. Look at best and worst case scenarios. Then decide for yourself which route you want to go. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how getting to the studio--is half the battle.

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #3: You have to do it even when you don't feel like it.

Getting to the gym—or the studio—is half the battle. Have your winning arguments ready! [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to build your subscriber list

Your Hidden Email Subscriber List

If you don't have anyone on your mailing list, you don't have an exposure problem - you have an organization problem. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares how to take control of your time to free you up for more creative time,

Control Your Time and Become a More Successful Artist

You might not think of it this way, but as an artist you are the owner of a small business, just as I am... [...]

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The Need to Reconnect

I always say that you have to give yourself oxygen before helping others, because without it, you can’t help others as well. What do you need for yourself that you keep thinking about doing, but you find all the reasons you can’t? What old stories are holding you back? [...]

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To Teach or Not To Teach

Some of you teach art workshops or classes. Some of you don’t. And some of you are considering it. [...]

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