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Luann Udell shared how art events are about laying the groundwork for potential collectors

THE THING ABOUT OPEN STUDIOS: Art Events Aren’t About Making Money TODAY

Art events are about introducing our work to an audience, especially if it’s a new audience. It’s about inviting our visitors and attendees into our world. Open studios are especially powerful, because they see our work and our environment in full. [...]

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What Owns You?

My number one goal is happiness in life. Everything we do should focus on that, because without it, all the hard parts of life become only a burden. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares some great tips on art festivals and art shows

How to Succeed at Art Shows and Festivals

The summer art show season is upon us again. Each summer, tens of thousands of artists have the opportunity to show and sell their creations to the art-loving public. Participating in these shows can be exhilarating, terrifying and exhausting, all at the same time. [...]

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Eric Armusik shares how facing your fears can open up your creative flow

Face Your Demons

No one wants to suffer. Most of us will go out of our way to avoid anything unpleasant. But as artists, we can always find something beautiful even in the most tragic circumstances. It's our job. [...]

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I hope we can all find a way, and a reason, to keep on ‘making’. I hope we can let go of envy of the success of others, and our own fears of failure, and simply rejoice that we have the luxury, and the privilege, to be able to do this work. [...]

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Don't miss this very informative post on the best social media for artist by Carole Rodrigue

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Artists?

In this post, I'll explain a bit more about why I feel Pinterest and YouTube are the best social media platforms for artists, or any business person for that matter, as well as touch on Facebook and Instagram. I'll save the best two for last, so be sure to read all the way. [...]

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Should Artists Put Their Art on Greeting Cards? | Collective Wisdom

Do you reproduce your work on cards or other promotional/gift items? Why or why not? If you do, has it been good for your business? [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses how a testimonial from a client is tremendously valuable to the next sale.

Client Testimonials - Worth Their Weight In Gold

I would urge you to ask for testimonials from clients who buy work directly from you, and encourage your galleries to collect testimonials from their clients and share them with you. [...]

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Eric Armusik discusses the value hard work can have on your success

Never Underestimate the Value of Hard Work

Becoming a Successful Artist = Hard Work [...]

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Debra Joy Groesser shares how art organizations and juried shows can benefit your career.

Getting Your Work Out There – Art Organizations and Juried Shows, Part 1 & Part 2

Being involved with an art organization can offer countless benefits to artists depending on your interest and goals... [...]

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Jason Horejs shares some tips for overcoming gallery rejection

How to Overcome Rejection as You Seek Gallery Representation

We all fear rejection, but as you gain experience and wisdom in the art business, you’ll come to see that rejection is just another part of the process of building a successful art career. [...]

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Luann Udell shared how to be focused and diverse in your art career

WHAT I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME ABOUT ARTISTS: You Can Be Focused, You Can Be Diverse, It’s All Good!

You get to choose what you do, how you do it, how many things you do, and you can change it whenever you’re ready. [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses how to deal with criticism from those in your inner circle

How to Deal With Art Criticism from Your Spouse, Partner, or other Close Family and Friends

A partner with an artistic education is often better able to articulate their criticism, but many artists find that the lack of artistic education of a spouse can actually be an asset. [...]

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Eric Armusik shares the importance of embracing humility

Embracing Humility

Fear keeps us from moving forward, and pride keeps us stagnant – I understand this more than ever. Fear keeps artists from quitting their day jobs and believing in themselves. Pride prevents them from asking for advice or congratulating someone who made a big sale. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how easy it can be to lose track of our own vision.


When we follow someone else’s vision, it’s easy to lose track of our own. [...]

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If we can just get the cash register to ring, even in a small way, the slump feeling disappears...

Surviving An Art Sales Slump

While it is important to get the cash register ringing, I would discourage you from taking drastic measures to restart your sales. While you do want to continue doing a good follow-up job with potential customers, you don’t want to become a pest. I also discourage the use of fire sales to try and revive business. A sale may indeed get the cash register ringing, but you run the risk of training your buyers not to buy your work at regular prices, but instead to wait for the next big sale. In a way, you are encouraging the next slump! [...]

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Don't miss William A. Schneider's discussion on "continuing education" for artists

Life Long Learning

Given that the quest for mastery is never-ending, it’s probably a good idea to find the most efficient way to learn. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next article in her series "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Artists"


Maybe we can earn a living with it. Maybe we can’t. But it has to have a place in our lives. [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses should artists post online about their sold paintings

Ask a Gallery Owner | Should Artists Brag About Their Sales?

What do you think – is it a good idea for an artist to publicize recently sold artwork? How do you let your followers know about these sales? [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's most inspirational post on sacrifice.

The Beauty of Sacrifice

So in summation, I encourage you to look beyond your struggles and carry on. Know that tomorrow brings infinite possibilities if we plant seeds daily. Never stop working or give in to self-pity – it will certainly delay your success. Remember that suffering can be insightful and glorious even in it’s darkest moments. Choose to believe that miracles happen every day if we believe in ourselves. And find comfort in your loving partner or supportive friend because, with their love and encouragement, the world is less dreadful. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next artilce in her series, "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Artists"

WHAT I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME ABOUT ARTISTS: There's More Than Just One Kind of “Artist”

I wish someone had told me there are a thousand ways to be an artist in our modern world, especially with all the new material, new techniques, and new resources available to us. [...]

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Tina Garrett shares some great advice, on why you should enter art competitions

It Is Competition Season! Are You Ready?

Competitions however, are not the end-all be-all on whether or not your work is 'good'. YOU must determine that and one of the best ways to do that is to put your work side-by-side with the work of your favorite masters and determine the differences and then work to fill those gaps. [...]

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Don't miss the 1st article in Jason Horejs' series on the Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Your Art Through Social Media

The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Your Art Through Social Media

Social media marketing isn't going to work for everyone, but my hope is that I can share insights that will help those of you who want to better understand what it takes to succeed. [...]

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Tracy Ference shares why people still want a painted portrait

Why Portraiture?

There is something about the human experience that is revealed within a portrait and people feel drawn to that elusive thing that makes a painting so much more than a photo. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses keeping values simple and linking shapes into a larger abstract shape for a stronger composition

Shape Welding

So, the lesson for today is to see the values in your subject. Organize them into 3 to 5 values. And weld like value shapes together to create fewer shapes. Yet, within each shape, you can have all the color, texture, detail, interest that you want. Just don’t lose the integrity of each shape – which lies in its value. [...]

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Kim VanDerHoek shares "Why Artists Should be Using Instagram to Share Their Artwork"

Why Aren’t You Marketing Your Art On Instagram? Why Artists Should be Using Instagram to Share Their Artwork

Before you write off Instagram let me ask you this, how often have you logged onto Facebook and been frustrated by all the junky, time-devouring, click-bait content you see there? How often have you thought, “Where’s the art? [...]

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Eric Armusik discusses how to deal with "difficult people"

Dealing With Difficult People - 5 Tips for Artists

Keep moving forward and let the negatively roll off you. [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses fine art vs. decorative art

Ask a Gallery Owner | Fine Art Vs. Decorative Art?

I feel that fine art is in the eye of the beholder. I look for artwork that interests and excites me and that will bring an interesting dimension to our gallery. As the email above says, I’m looking for art that has “emotional touch point.” That’s my fine art. A visitor to the gallery might feel the same and become motivated to buy the piece, or they may not experience any connection and walk right out the door. [...]

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Painting on glass for an out-of-my-comfort-zone book project ultimately led to this new body of work.

THE GIFT OF RISK: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Has Its Own Rewards

In the end, the choice is ours. We can play it safe. We can avoid risks, ditch change, never step outside our comfort zone. It’s up to you. I can’t even pretend to think I know better than you. As I always say, if this doesn’t work for you, don’t do it! I can only share what’s lifted my heart, write what’s helped me move forward, what restores me to my better self. [...]

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Jason Horejs debates should you exhibit art at a business.

Debate: Should Artists Show Work in Doctor's Offices, Banks and Other Business Locations?

Have you shown your work in a rotating exhibit at a business? [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares some inspirational thoughts on how our work of the heart, can help others.

The Impact of Your Pebble

Our lives are meant to change the lives of others, and each of us has something to offer that needs to be heard, seen, and experienced by the world. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how preparation, persistence, and opportunity can equal luck.

What's Luck Got To Do With It? The True Meaning of Luck

Luck = Preparation plus persistence plus opportunity. [...]

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"Top of Laguna", 24x30, Oil, Private Collection

Meditation on Painting, Part 2

As painters we will sometimes operate out of pure devotion, but lets not kid ourselves, money and praise are often behind our maneuvers. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's discussion on making your own rules- to be the artist you were born to be.

Rules? You're an Artist - Make Your Own Rules

Be bold, do what you feel inside and respond to that with great talent. Make your own rules - be the artist you were born to be. [...]

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Tina Garrett shares some amazing tips on traveling with paints

How to Travel with Paints to Europe and Beyond!

There are lots of great art stores in Florence, Italy. It is the birth place of art after all. And since you cannot fly with solvent or mediums like linseed oil or walnut oil, don't pack them. Either order them online and have them shipped directly to your hotel or the studio or buy them when you get there. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's inspirational discussion on creating your own story.

What Is The Story Only You Can Tell? Make It A Good One!

We can’t control everything in life, but we can choose how we face it. [...]

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Don't miss a great tip to ensure good quality images of your artwork.

A Lightbox & Accessory Recommendations for Photographing Small Paintings

If you are constantly waiting for an overcast day to photograph outside, or fighting glare with studio lights, this is your solution. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares how you can use Photoshop to make an art sale

Anatomy of a Sale | How We Used Photoshop to Make a $5,000 Art Sale

Have you used Photoshop to help you make sales? What else have you done to provide extra service that has helped you make sales? [...]

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Keith Bond discusses how each painting decision determines the next

Understanding the Why Informs the How

You are faced with many decisions as you approach a painting. First is what to paint. Second, and probably most important, why do you want to paint it? Once this second question is answered comes the many ‘how’ questions. These ‘how’ questions involve things like composition, value, color, drawing, edges, just to name a few. Each of these principles is interdependent and a change in one will affect each of the others. [...]

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There is an audience for everything... You just have to find it.

There's an Audience for Everything: Mourning the End of and Celebrating What It Taught Me.

Do the work you truly love, using the subjects you really care about, with the medium and techniques that feel “right to you. Create powerful titles that connect emotionally with viewers, and do it all in the way that is unique to you. [...]

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