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Don't miss Clint Watson's latest on why your email list is your #1 marketing asset.

Your Mailing List is your #1 Marketing Asset

The top goal of your marketing efforts is to build a high-quality list of customers and prospective customers with whom you are able to communicate, develop a relationship, and market your art. Your customer mailing list is your number one marketing asset. Outside of creating your art, building, maintaining and nurturing this list is your top goal. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares 4 helpful tips for any easy follow-up process

Increase Your Art Sales | The Power of Follow-Up

I can’t guarantee that every follow-up effort will lead to a sale, but if you follow up consistently I can promise that you will see more of those “almost” sales convert into “follow-up” sales. [...]

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The hardest and most courageous thing you can possibly do is get back up when life knocks you down.

Artists and Rejection

The key principle to keep in mind is that it is your responsibility to succeed. In the grand scheme of history, it is YOU who will be remembered, not the people that rejected you. [...]

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Sometimes we have to lose our power before we realize we've had it all along.

NO POWER: Lessons From the Fires

What is the power source of an artist? And what happens when we lose that source, even temporarily? [...]

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How do people get on your subscriber list?

How Email Marketing Works

The goal of email marketing is to build an engaged audience of fans. [...]

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Keith Bond's continued discussion on having confidence in your artistic abilities.

Confidence, Part 2

Just like muscles need exercise - just like you need to constantly practice your craft - your confidence also needs exercise. [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses how being available and providing an exceptional level of service can increase your art sales

Many Galleries are Closed on Mondays . . .

If you are an artist participating in a show or festival, stick out the full length of the show. I know it’s a huge temptation to pack it in early, especially if the show has been poorly attended, but I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a client come into the gallery right as we were closing and end up making a purchase. [...]

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William Adolphe Bouguereau - "Le Crabe" - 31.89" x 25.79" - Oil (1869)

Advice for Creating and Critiquing Paintings - Part 1

John C. Van Dyke goes on to say that the artist should be technically skilled in order to command one's attention to his ideas. Therefore, a critical examination begins with the foundation of painting...DRAWING. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how to find your story


Why do you paint/draw/collage/sculpt/sing/dance/insert-your-creative-work-here the way you do? I know artists who are capable of using any medium but CHOOSE colored pencil work. Not because they can’t do anything else, but because it feels right to them. [...]

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Email marketing goes far beyond sending "newsletters."

Isn't Email Marketing Just Sending Newsletters?

Email marketing goes far beyond sending "newsletters." A "newsletter" is something that was printed on paper that we sent in the pre-internet era. [...]

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You need enough confidence to believe in yourself and know that you can express yourself through your work.


You need enough confidence to believe in yourself and know that you can express yourself through your work. Yet, you need enough self-doubt to be humble and realize the need for constant improvement and learning. [...]

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"Every Artist Was First An Amateur" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every Artist Was First An Amateur

Nothing worth achieving was ever easy. Remember that and forge ahead with your dreams. Never ever let go until you're in the position to assist the next generation of amateurs that need your help. [...]

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Let the world see who you are and why you matter!

THE MOST IMPORTANT W: Chose Your Humanity Over Your Credentials

Don't hide behind your artwork, your website, your credentials. [...]

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Are You a Waterfall?

"I realized that business does not define me. Art defines me. I was resistant because I did not see myself as a business guy, but now I still see myself as an artist who simply had to develop some muscles in other areas so I could continue to be an artist." [...]

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You can think of email marketing as simply marketing using the "email channel."

What is Email Marketing

Building a strong, engaged audience that you can reach via email is the most important piece of your marketing plan. This is the pillar around which you can build everything else. [...]

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Don't miss Gallery Owner Jason Horejs' Perspective on Consistency in your art

Artists: Are you Consistent? A Gallery Owner's Perspective

How Developing a Strong Style and Laser-Like Focus is One of the Most Important Things you can do for Your Fine Art Career [...]

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Want to Write More?

How Artists Can Write More Often: 1 Realization That Can Change Everything

The Real Reason Artists Put Off Writing and One Realization That Can Change Everything [...]

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THE 3D CONUNDRUM: Decisions about Discounts and Donations, Part 2

Donating to art auctions is a tricky business. [...]

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Learn how to post to Instagram from your desktop computer

How to Post to Instagram From Your Desktop Computer

In this post, I'll show you how to post to Instagram from your desktop computer in the Chrome web browser. [...]

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Don't miss Keith Bond's follow-up post, pain of discipline vs. the pain of regret or disappointment.

The Pain of Disappointment

“But what if...I fail?” This is your fear talking. Let me turn it around, “But what succeed?” Is it worth the gamble? Is it worth the sacrifice? Is it worth the discipline? [...]

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Eric Armusik shares an inspiring message "Acknowledge that you have a unique gift that needs time, attention and nurturing..."

You Can't

Build your life from the ground up. Funnel all your energy into your dreams and envision a future as the artist you want to be. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses discounts and donations on your artwork

THE 3D CONUNDRUM: Decisions about Discounts and Donations, Part 1

It’s your choice, there are pros and cons, and it’s okay to do what’s right for YOU! [...]

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“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”

The Pain of Discipline

You really do only have 2 options. You can have the discipline to pursue your art - which requires sacrifices, or you can look back years later and wish that you had. You will have regret or disappointment in the dream you never dared pursue. [...]

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Don't miss Jason Horejs' debate on displaying prices for your artwork

Debate: Should Artists Include Pricing on Their Websites?

If you are waiting for someone to call you or email you for pricing you are missing the point of the internet. Visitors to your site aren’t going to contact you, they are just going to move on. In the internet age, people want to find information easily and instantly. [...]

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"’s okay to simply lay back in our little boat, and drift."

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: Slow Down When Things Get Hard

Wherever you are on your path, or on the river, know that sometimes the way gets hard. Remember, even when it feels like we are getting nowhere, we are still moving forward quietly, gently. Life goes on as we work through our grief, process our new situation, and find ways around our setbacks. [...]

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Keith Bond shares some helpful tips to develop your emotional voice in your art

Cultivating Emotion

Spend time developing your emotional voice, coupled with your technical development. If you do, your work will have much more meaning. [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses how to utilize "hotspots" when displaying your art in a show, festival or gallery

Magic Walls | How Some Spaces in My Gallery Sell More Art Than Others

What do I mean by "hotspots"? These are areas of the gallery that tend to generate more sales activity than other areas. Some of you may have experienced this in your galleries before, or at art festivals or open studio tour events - there seem to be certain areas that generate more interest and activity, no matter what is showing there. [...]

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Your art is a gift.

Being a Great Artist Means You Can Never Be Happy

So whether you've just picked up a brush or you've been painting for five years and you are looking for answers, do not despair. Every failure that you rise up from puts you one step closer to that greatness you desire. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's discussion on "What are we waiting for?"


Are we waiting for a "sign from the universe" before we take on a new challenge? Do we wait until we find the perfect solution to our problem? Have a straight 8-10 hours to start that new work? Do we believe we have to clean our entire studio before we can get back to work after a hiatus, rather than just clear off that one surface we need to start it? [...]

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Learn how to market your art on Instagram

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Art on Instagram

Are you struggling as an artist to understand how to make effective use of Instagram? Read on. [...]

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Ketih Bond discusses how important both passion and mastery are to your art

Recuerdos de la Alhambra and Your Art

Some artists think that pure expression and feeling is all you need to create great art. It isn’t. Other artists spend years training and master technique, but fail to find their voice. A pity. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares his advice on allowing visitors to take photos of art in a gallery, show or museum.

Debate | Should Visitors be Allowed to Photograph Artwork in Galleries, Museums and Art Shows?

We try to use photography in the gallery as a sales opportunity. When someone starts taking photos or asks if they can, we are very accommodating, even encouraging. We also offer to email them a photo of the piece they are interested in, letting them know that the email will include the size, price and artist name. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses how tough tasks can lead you to a place of joy.

A Plan for Joy

Life won’t always be joyful, and getting where you want to be won’t always be joy-filled or easy. Tough tasks are worthwhile when they ultimately lead you to a place of joy. [...]

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Clint Watson shares how to jump start engagement on your Instagram account.

Start an Instagram Engagement Group

To be successful marketing your art on Instagram, you need engagement. [...]

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Ketih Bond shares some insight on how to keep your creativity fresh.

Safe, New and Risky

Maybe you aren’t in a rut. Maybe you still find enjoyment with your subject, but you want to continue to explore and try new things to keep your creativity fresh and alive. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares some ideas on what to do with older unsold artwork

Collective Wisdom | What to do With Older, Unsold Artwork

Storing old artwork can become a huge challenge, especially for artists who have built up hundreds works over the years. Studio space is at a premium, and every square inch that is taken up in storage, is a square inch that’s not available as work space. I have a number of different suggestions of possible approaches to dealing with older work, their benefits and challenges, and then I would like to encourage you to share your experience with older work. [...]

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Eric Armusik shares some inspirational lessons

Greatness is Not Something You Are Born With

I encourage you to shift your perspective and see your challenges as valuable lessons rather than severe punishments. Often times, we do more damage by trying to control our future rather than allowing it to organically happen. [...]

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There's a big difference between perseverance and suffering.

LESSONS FROM THE GYM: Challenge vs. Injury

Whatever you need to do to make your place in the world, never give up what you love until it takes away from you. Even then, there are ways to keep moving forward. [...]

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SCRATCH: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living by Manjula Martin


There are no solid, sure-fire ways to make our work and share it with the world. There’s no 100% good side to any of our decisions about it-except what works for us. There’s no WRONG way to do it. The only thing that’s “wrong” is believing we are doing it wrong, and believing that other people are doing it right. Believing that “success” looks the same to everyone. It’s all about what’s right for Y*O*U. [...]

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Clint Watson with BoldBrush Master Signature Artist Mian Situ

Depth of Growth is More Important than Rate of Growth

Attracting one new deeply committed fan is worth far, far more than attracting 100 mildly interested visitors to your website. [...]

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