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Sometimes we have to learn the lesson the hard way.

Customer Service Still Rules

But there are also people who genuinely love and appreciate us for what we do, who invest their own hard-earned money for the work of our heart. We owe it to them to make sure that wonderful exchange stays positive, and compassionate. [...]

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Hold this in your heart: The deepest, most powerful reason for making our art is that it gets us to our highest, best place in the world. It heals us.

Why Aren't People Buying Our Artwork?

One topic that came up was, why don’t millennials buy art? The list of reasons she gave was astonishing, and all of them made perfect sense. (Spoiler alert: Millennials DO buy art. Maybe just not OUR art.) [...]

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As online fraud and social media interactions get more popular, scammers and spammers get much more sophisticated.

SPAM AND EGGS: One Simple Way to Validate Your Emails*

Unfortunately, scammers and spammers are way more sophisticated these days. Don’t bother “getting back” at them. Just walk around them like you would a pile of dog poo on the sidewalk. [...]

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Challenges can be just enough to keep us moving forward


If everything is working for you, then the “challenges” can be just enough to keep us moving forward, or comfortable with staying in the same place. [...]

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Not all parts of the creative process are fun…

THE ECSTASY AND THE AGONY: Your Creative Cycle at Work

So when things get hard, when it feels like no one wants our work, when it feels like we aren’t “enough”, take some time to think... Maybe you are at the hard part of your creative cycle. [...]

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Be Careful What You Wish For...


When we get advice, if someone says something that resonates in a good way, pay attention. It’s a reflection of what we’re leaning towards, yearning for. It may take a while to uncover the gold. But it’s worth waiting for, and worth working towards. [...]

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There are no “instant cures”, just building good, daily habits.

LESSONS FROM THE GYM: Building Strength

If we love what we do, and we’ve found our audience, and our work is selling like hotcakes, then clearly we’re doing it right. We can just keep doing the same thing, because it’s working. But if we haven’t found our happy work/life/art/income balance, we may need to seek help to put that together. [...]

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But sometimes, all we need is to trust our best instincts, to sense our highest purpose on earth, instead of focusing on our greatest fears...

Scrambling for Clarity

We may calm ourselves down by recognizing how making our art restores our heart and soul, which is ultimately more enriching than how much money we made this year. Not sayin’ sales aren’t important, just that sometimes that means we have to give up other things involved, things we might miss even more. [...]

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Lessons Learned from the Fires, My Aging Brain, and My Notebooks

What We Lost

It’s our greatest flaw, and our greatest super power. Especially because we are artists, makers, creatives, constantly striving to use our work to have our say in the world, to tell our story, in ways that are good for the world. [...]

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My art. My words. My voice.

Post Hoc Fallacy

There are a lot of reasons we tell ourselves why our work doesn’t sell. But not all of them are true! [...]

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We can get lost in the crowd, OR honor our own voice in the world. You choose!

One In A Million

But the power of embracing where we are right now, the power of telling our story with the work of our heart, the power of starting where we are and stay focused on doing better, is heady stuff. [...]

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The gift of a “false alarm” is knowing where the gaps are in our preparedness.

FALSE ALARM: Lessons From the Fire

There’s a huge difference between thinking about being prepared, and actually being prepared. [...]

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Sometimes we have to lose our power before we realize we've had it all along.

NO POWER: Lessons From the Fires

What is the power source of an artist? And what happens when we lose that source, even temporarily? [...]

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Luann Udell shares how to find your story


Why do you paint/draw/collage/sculpt/sing/dance/insert-your-creative-work-here the way you do? I know artists who are capable of using any medium but CHOOSE colored pencil work. Not because they can’t do anything else, but because it feels right to them. [...]

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Let the world see who you are and why you matter!

THE MOST IMPORTANT W: Chose Your Humanity Over Your Credentials

Don't hide behind your artwork, your website, your credentials. [...]

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THE 3D CONUNDRUM: Decisions about Discounts and Donations, Part 2

Donating to art auctions is a tricky business. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses discounts and donations on your artwork

THE 3D CONUNDRUM: Decisions about Discounts and Donations, Part 1

It’s your choice, there are pros and cons, and it’s okay to do what’s right for YOU! [...]

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"’s okay to simply lay back in our little boat, and drift."

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: Slow Down When Things Get Hard

Wherever you are on your path, or on the river, know that sometimes the way gets hard. Remember, even when it feels like we are getting nowhere, we are still moving forward quietly, gently. Life goes on as we work through our grief, process our new situation, and find ways around our setbacks. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's discussion on "What are we waiting for?"


Are we waiting for a "sign from the universe" before we take on a new challenge? Do we wait until we find the perfect solution to our problem? Have a straight 8-10 hours to start that new work? Do we believe we have to clean our entire studio before we can get back to work after a hiatus, rather than just clear off that one surface we need to start it? [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how to embrace who you are, while still being open to change.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Sharing it with the world creates connection, between us and our audience, whether we choose to do that in person, in our studio, at shows, through a gallery, or with social media. [...]

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There's a big difference between perseverance and suffering.

LESSONS FROM THE GYM: Challenge vs. Injury

Whatever you need to do to make your place in the world, never give up what you love until it takes away from you. Even then, there are ways to keep moving forward. [...]

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SCRATCH: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living by Manjula Martin


There are no solid, sure-fire ways to make our work and share it with the world. There’s no 100% good side to any of our decisions about it-except what works for us. There’s no WRONG way to do it. The only thing that’s “wrong” is believing we are doing it wrong, and believing that other people are doing it right. Believing that “success” looks the same to everyone. It’s all about what’s right for Y*O*U. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how society defines art vs craft has changed through the years.

THE AGE-OLD (war) STORY: Art vs. Craft

Times have changed. Have we? [...]

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Luann Udell shares how we can choose to reply positively to the naysayers.

LESSONS FROM THE GYM: Ice Is Your Best Friend!

The things people say about our work, and what we can CHOOSE to say back. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how to break bad habits.

LESSONS FROM THE GYM: How to Change Bad Habits

The body does whatever we ask it to. But it may not be the best way to do it. Only conscious effort can change that! [...]

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“Be strong when things get hard. Listen more. Think slow. Love deep."

BE THE HERO IN YOUR OWN STORY: Framing Is Everything!

Be the hero of your own story. Tell the story only you can tell. Because your story might just inspire someone else to be a hero. [...]

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Luann Udell shared how art events are about laying the groundwork for potential collectors

THE THING ABOUT OPEN STUDIOS: Art Events Aren’t About Making Money TODAY

Art events are about introducing our work to an audience, especially if it’s a new audience. It’s about inviting our visitors and attendees into our world. Open studios are especially powerful, because they see our work and our environment in full. [...]

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I hope we can all find a way, and a reason, to keep on ‘making’. I hope we can let go of envy of the success of others, and our own fears of failure, and simply rejoice that we have the luxury, and the privilege, to be able to do this work. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how art history has changed through the years.


Art History hasn’t been historically inclusive, but that’s changing, for the better! [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how to keep creative work in our life.


Life is not “all or nothing”, you can make as much—or as little—room for art as you like! [...]

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Luann Udell shared how to be focused and diverse in your art career

WHAT I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME ABOUT ARTISTS: You Can Be Focused, You Can Be Diverse, It’s All Good!

You get to choose what you do, how you do it, how many things you do, and you can change it whenever you’re ready. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how easy it can be to lose track of our own vision.


When we follow someone else’s vision, it’s easy to lose track of our own. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next article in her series "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Artists"


Maybe we can earn a living with it. Maybe we can’t. But it has to have a place in our lives. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's next artilce in her series, "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Artists"

WHAT I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME ABOUT ARTISTS: There's More Than Just One Kind of “Artist”

I wish someone had told me there are a thousand ways to be an artist in our modern world, especially with all the new material, new techniques, and new resources available to us. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell discussion on "What do I wish someone had told me in art classes?”

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Artists

There’s More Than One Way to Be an Artist [...]

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Painting on glass for an out-of-my-comfort-zone book project ultimately led to this new body of work.

THE GIFT OF RISK: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Has Its Own Rewards

In the end, the choice is ours. We can play it safe. We can avoid risks, ditch change, never step outside our comfort zone. It’s up to you. I can’t even pretend to think I know better than you. As I always say, if this doesn’t work for you, don’t do it! I can only share what’s lifted my heart, write what’s helped me move forward, what restores me to my better self. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how preparation, persistence, and opportunity can equal luck.

What's Luck Got To Do With It? The True Meaning of Luck

Luck = Preparation plus persistence plus opportunity. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's inspirational discussion on creating your own story.

What Is The Story Only You Can Tell? Make It A Good One!

We can’t control everything in life, but we can choose how we face it. [...]

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There is an audience for everything... You just have to find it.

There's an Audience for Everything: Mourning the End of and Celebrating What It Taught Me.

Do the work you truly love, using the subjects you really care about, with the medium and techniques that feel “right to you. Create powerful titles that connect emotionally with viewers, and do it all in the way that is unique to you. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's valuable discussion on "professional jealousy"

A HANDY GUIDE TO NIBBLERS: The Fifteen-Minute Read that Can Change Your Life.

We all want to make the work that means something to us, something that is a product of our story. Our story is who we are in the world, and who we want to be. [...]

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